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Leg pain during sleep

At night i've been having my leg fall asleep, and get pain in it. I think it's from my underwear, so I keep adjusting...the thing is they aren't tight or restrictive, so I don't understand what's going on.  Has anyone else had experience with this? Or any advice?

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Re: Leg pain during sleep

  • I have had that and found it to be the underwear.  What it is is the seams on the side because you are laying on your side now and the seem finds just the right spot that seems to cut off the feeling and circulation.  I would suggest finding underwear that don't have seams on the sides or at least bulky seams.  Good luck.
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  • I was dealing with that a couple of weeks ago. I learned it can come from dehydration or not getting enough dairy or potassium during the day. Also, if I don't sleep with a pillow between my legs I still get woken up with leg cramps or one of them being asleep. It seems to get irritated less if I sleep on my left side rather than my right. Good luck!
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  • OH wow. ?I have been waking up feeling like there's been a turnakit on my leg overnight!! It hurts sooo bad. ?I have fibromyalgia though and thought it was just that. Kindof glad to know its not just me but at the same time it sucks that we're all having this pain!?
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  • Thanks! I do feel better knowing I'm not alone and there are solutions. I was nervous I was having a circulation problem.
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