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Those with zofran pumps now or before

When did you get rid of the pump?  I am not vomiting all the time at this point but I am nauseous 24/7 and I am still on the highest dose of meds on the pump--- 1ml/hour. I am assuming I won't be getting rid of it for awhile as a result but was wondering when people typically stop using it.

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Re: Those with zofran pumps now or before

  • Last time and this time my m/s kind of just went away randomly-- I was nauseous often throughout my entire pregnancy but I stopped getting sick for the most part and was able to keep down a more normal diet.

    This time I was really bad and disconnected myself from my pump in a moment of frustration. I had been doing okay and hadn't puked in a week and I was still getting nauseous but it was only bad in the evening and I was taking phenergan to help with that. I was really hormonal and in pain from all the swollen and bruised injection sites on my belly that I decided to do an injection site in my upper outer thigh since I literally had run out of places on my belly that weren't red and swollen. I did the thigh injection site and about an hour later I went to go to the bathroom and I accidentally pulled out the site when I was pulling my pants down (the downside to having a thigh injection site!) and it was bleeding everywhere and hurt really bad and I just lost it! My DH came in and was like you've been doing okay, leave the pump off tonight and we will reconnect in the morning.

    I felt fine that morning so I didn't reconnect, and from that point forward I have been fine! I still feel nauseous for probably a few hours a day but I've only puked maybe 3 times since being disconnected (I have been off my pump for maybe 2-3 weeks now?) The home health company says that you should wean off-- they do it gradually over like a week and a half. If you feel like maybe you can be close to being done with it I would tell them and ask if you can gradually start bringing your dose down. They only bring it down a little and give you a few days to adjust so you don't have rebound nausea. Worse comes to worse, they lower your dose and you feel terrible then just call and get a bolus dose and have them change your dose back up. GL!

    Oh and during my last pregnancy I was like 15 weeks or something when I came off my pump and my HG was much worse last time. 

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