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Do you chart?

I've been using Fertility Friend for the past 8 or so months to chart my temps, CM, OPKs, etc, but I'm wondering - now that I'm about to start my first Clomid/IUI cycle - if charting will still be useful.  Do you ladies chart?  Have you seen any difference in your temps with medicated cycles?
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Re: Do you chart?

  • I was wondering the same thing. I start my Clomid tonight. I did start temping this morning but I wasn't sure if it matters. I use a CBEFM as well but I think the clomid can mess with that.
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  • katib77katib77 member

    Some people feel that on medicated cycles their charts are more wonky and hard to read.  Also if you are being properly monitored on climid and doing an IUI that it's not like you need to chart. 

    That being said, for me it's a habit and a comfort.  I still see an obvious temp spike when I O off the trigger and just mark my "insemination" instead of sex for the day of the IUI.  You can look at my chart at the link attached.  Since I have not updated it yet today with the start of cd1 and AF, it shows my IUI cycles that just ended this morning.  I mainly do it on IUI cycles because I always get a temp drop before AF so even on an IUI cycle I can at least have a little time to prepare my mental state to either see the BFN or get AF.  I'd like to think one day I'll just keep seeing those high temps.

    Good luck to you on your treatment cycle!

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  • I didn't chart on my last clomid cycle. I was monitored for the cycle, but regardless of monitoring, my RE missed O, so it would have been helpful to have charted. We stopped having sex too soon, thinking that we were good, but we stopped 4 days too early.

    I would keep charting, it's just another way to confirm O.

  • No.  I find it to be less stressful not to chart.  Plus I don't want to find myself questioning every/anything my RE does.

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  • imageCluckyEV:
    No.  I find it to be less stressful not to chart.  Plus I don't want to find myself questioning every/anything my RE does.

    This. I stopped charting once we started treatment. Charting stressed me out. 

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  • I've never charted.  When we were first trying I didn't really now what charting was.  We've been seeing a RE for the last year so I don't feel the need to start charting now.  I think if I charted I would just drive myself crazy.   

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  • I temped through my clomid cycles and didn't really see any big differerence at all, though I've heard with some people it can mess with temps.  It shouldn't really be necessary if you are being monitored, but I am a control freak and couldn't let go of my thermometer.

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  • I chart, but only starting around day 11 until the temp rise, and then the last couple days of the cycle to watch for a temp dip.

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  • My RE said I could if I wanted to but since I was being monitored so closely it wasn't necessary. She said the Clomid shouldn't mess with temps too much, it's the trigger shot and progesterone that she said usually mess with temps/make charts "pretty." If you aren't doing either of those and/or you want to take a charting break, go for it!
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  • I charted for YEARS (first to TTA then TTC), but I found once I started Femara, my temps were higher and with all the monitoring, I put it down. It's a little bit stressful to not chart but its kind of cool seeing it all on the u/s, etc and knowing my body is doing it's thing without my watching it.
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  • kelnyckelnyc member
    Since I don't trigger and O pretty early on femara, I chart until I confirm O (with +OPKs and temp shift), then I stop (with the occassional outlier here and there just to see). It has been very freeing actually! I stopped temping last summer because we moved across the country and that was a HUGE mistake! The stress had delayed my O by a mile and I had no clue what was going on. That's why I still do it up until O and then quit. HTH!
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