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anyone else with GD?

I just found out today that I have GD after failing the 3 hour test. Tomorrow they have me starting the 2 hour GD counseling and I must say, I am a bit nervous about all of this. I am nervous about checking my blood sugar levels and following the it that bad? Also, it doesn't mean I will need insulin shots unless I can't control it with diet, right? I don't think I could give myself a shot! When the doc felt around for the baby, she could tell that the baby was measuring a little a head of schedule. My next appointment in 2 weeks, they will do an u/s to assess the baby's growth. I'm just so worried that the baby will be too big for a natural birth. I know that just because you have GD doesn't necessarily mean you will have a big baby and need a c-section, but it is a concern. Can anyone share some more info about GD, treatment, and affects on labor and baby?

Re: anyone else with GD?

  • I was terrified when I was diagnosed this time as I didn't have it last time and it was all new to me. I'm also scared of needles so having to take my own blood four times a day was the scariest thing.'s not bad AT ALL. The diet is actually really good and easy and you get used to the finger prick really quickly. I actually only have to test twice a day now because my numbers have been so good but sometimes I still test 3-4 times just because I'm curious. 

    I was diagnosed at 30wks and I just had a growth ultrasound on Friday and he's approx 7lbs 7oz which is good. (64th %) If you're able to control your numbers by just doing the diet it should make your growth about the same as someone without GD AND you won't have to do insulin or anything extra.

    You'll get a lot more information at your dietician appointment, but if you want more help and information for now, use the High-Risk Pregnancy board as a lot of girls with GD post there daily.

    Hope that helps and good luck!  

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  • Everything will be ok! Keep reminding yourself that.

    When I got the phone call I freaked and basically spent half my work day hiding in the bathroom sobbing. I am terrified of needles/shots and the thought of having to stick myself 4 times a day made me panic. There were also a ton of dark thoughts going through my head like, what if the baby has diabetes when they get older? (not your fault) What did I do wrong? (nothing!) What if the baby is huge? (big babies are born all the time) Can I still have my natural birth like I wanted? (chances are, yes!)

    The testing is not bad at all. You get a little kit and, at least with my kit, you don't see the needle when you test. You place the device on your finger, push a button, then hold your finger with a teeny drop of blood to the testing strip to read your sugar. The pain scale goes from "did I do it right because I didn't feel it" to plucking an eyelash. Once I got over the emotional "omg omg omg" it was no big deal at all, and kind of interesting to see what my body did with different foods, amounts of sleep, activity, etc.

    The diet is not bad at all, and actually made me feel a ton better after that first week. It encourages healthy eating and lots of variety in your diet which is a great thing, and can help get good habits established so that after the baby comes you are healthier for it!

    The High Risk board is a great place for questions and support. I highly recommend coming on over :)

  • Echoing the PPs the needle stick is not bad at all. Like the above poster, I don't even see the needle when I need to measure my blood sugar, it's a sinch. Chances are you won't have to do insulin shots, there's plenty of stages before then. First they check up on your numbers based on diet, if they're still too high they usually go with an oral medication that should help, if it's still too high with the pill form then comes the insulin. Everyone I've talked to who has experience with GD was able to control their blood sugar with diet, including myself.

    And speaking of diet, it's not hard to do at all. The nutritionist should set you up with a meal and snack plan based on a certain number of carbs they want you to have each day. Some people get bigger snacks than others, and some get bigger meals than others. It all depends on why your blood sugar is high. After a week or two on the diet I was able to build any meal I wanted within my limit, so it's pretty easy to get used to in my opinion.

  • I was really upset when I found out that I had GD, because I knew it wasn't poor diet or lack of exercise that was causing my high glucose numbers. I spent the first hour crying to my diabetes educator because I was so upset and she wasn't listening to me. I walk over 10 miles a day at work and she made me promise that I would walk everyday after lunch- did she not just hear me say that I walk over 10 miles a day at work? I felt much better after talking to the dietitian because she actually listened to what I was saying and agreed that my diet didn't sound like the problem, but she still gave my a list of things to eat and correct portion sizes. With all of that I was still not able to control my glucose numbers with a controlled diet and exercise plan. I was so scared that I was going to have to use insulin, which I would never do because I hate needles and it was bad enough I had to prick my finger 4 times a day. So, my doctor put me on Glyburide, which is a pill form of insulin.
  • I had GD with my first and have it this time as well.  It isn't that bad at all.  Having to prick your finger multiple times a day can get annoying but really that is the worst of it.  You will adjust to the diet quickly an I actually felt much much better while following it.  It's really just eating the way we should all eat all the time.  I ahd every intention of continuing to eat that way after my son was born.  Didn't happen- of course. I was able to control my numbers with diet but I was very very strict with it.  He was only 5 lbs 3oz so GD does NOT always mean a big baby.

    This time I have not been as strict with my diet as I should be.  I was diagnosed at 27 weeks this time and until about 34 weeks I could really eat whatever I wanted and my readings were fine.  Then all the sudden I had to start watching.  Even after being really strict I was getting high readings in the morning and after breakfast.  They have just started me on glyburide and so far we have been good with that.  I go in on Thursday for a NST and u/s.

    Good luck and I promise and diet part isn't that bad.  I'm thankful it isn't a permanant issue I'll ahve to deal with.  Hopefully I can stick with it this time afterwards to just live healthier.  Even though I didn't continue it so strictly- we eat much much healthier now as a family.  That's always a good thing.  And on the bright side the doctors will watch your pregnancy more closely to monitor everything.  In my opinion- that is wonderful.

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    So, my doctor put me on Glyburide, which is a pill form of insulin.

    Glyburide is not a pill form of insulin. It's a completely different medication that can help control blood sugar. 

    OP, I have GD for the second time. Honestly, it's more of a nuisance than anything. Frustrating, yes, but overall just annoying. I do give myself daily injections of insulin, and it's not that bad. The injections hurt less than pricking my finger to test 4x a day. Come visit the high risk board, there are a lot of ladies at different stages of pregnancy with GD, many diet controlled and some insulin or med controlled, all willing to answer questions :) 

    ETA: Ditto PP about GD not always meaning a big baby. DD was 6 lbs 11 oz, just a little peanut :) 

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  • I just found out today at 30 weeks and I'm freaking out. I'm so depress and sad I dont even want to talk to anyone today. :( I've always been healthy my whole life and never had any issues with my last two pregnancy.

    I feel so overwhelm with this baby from carpal tunnel, back pains, breaking out and now GD... I'm hoping that things will go well because I'm scared of needles and most of all I really don't want to end up having a C-section I would so cry! Sad

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