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BOMB chicks holla atcha grrrrl!

I just got back from my weigh in and even with the birthday party I am down THREE pounds this week!!!!


OMG I am SO HAPPY!  I planned, exercised extra, saved my weeklies, ate what I wanted at the party (but didn't go overboard) and it paid off big time!

That was my 4th weigh in, three weeks total on the program, and I'm down 8.8 pounds.  


So for today, toot your own horn about something, anything, you did over the weekend that was a healthy choice for you!!

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Re: BOMB chicks holla atcha grrrrl!

  • That is great!!!

     My AW (or tooting the horn thing) is we had my nephews graduation party, and after making 3 dozen graduation cap cake cops, I had to have one..and of course I had to have the chips and salsa, and sushi that was there too...and I am proud to say that when I weighed in this morning I had lost weight. I am at a total of 12.5 lbs since the beginning of May. I super excited about that.

  • i managed to go down too! No idea how, and i had to grab my glasses to double check , but yep, im now down 12lbs
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  • Congrats on all the losses! Way to go!

    My weigh in isn't until Wed, but I felt like I did good this weekend. Even with eating out I portioned controlled and limited the stuff I know I don't need (extra cheese, guacamole). Let myself splurge evening and worked out every day. I was excited to fit in my skinny jeans yesterday (although still snug... I could zip them up and still breathe!) and a pair of work pants that were screaming at me a few months ago are loose around the waist and thighs today. yippeee!!!


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  • Good Job H!  that is great =)

    no tooting of horns for me though because i was not to watchful of my eating during this three day weekend!

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  • H you are a rockstar, I hope that I can start losing as much when my real diet starts after delivery and nursing.

    I did not make too many healthy choices this weekend, too much cake and good BBQ'd food (all in reality were delicious to my pregnant belly)

  • Woot woot!! I ran with a buddy yesterday and pushed myself faster than usual (ending up with a faster time that I haven't seen in months). I am feeling all those muscles that are just begging to be worked harder the next time I run and am LOVING it!! :) YAY me!! 
  • OMG you are kicking ass ass and taking names:  I'm Jaemie and you totally kicked my ass this week because I GAINED 2.5lbs!!!!  Not happy!  Congrats!  That's awesome!!

    I went to they 2 out 3 days over the long weekend.  That's at horn tootin' as I can get right now!  Wink

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