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Idiotmanpainintheassitis is at my house

Ugh.  Katie is teething again so she's not sleeping too well at night.  Not terrible but she's getting up and crying for a few minutes before going back down.  

All weekend this has been going on.  

Last night/this morning at 4:37am Katie was up crying.  At 4:40 DH hisses at me, ' Aren't you going to do something about her crying, I have to work in the morning."  Um, DH you were just telling me earlier in the evening that I go to her too quickly and you like that she can fall asleep on her own now with minimal crying?  

So I wait 10 minutes.  By 4:45 she was out again.   

Then up again at 4:57, so I went in.  Because DH rolled over and made an annoyed noise.  I know I shouldn't do this because it will undermine the Ferber teaching we have done but honestly I'd rather deal with her than DH at this point.  

 When DH got up he was so annoying!  So I just smiled and nodded while he b!thced about his 5 hours of sleep so he would finish getting ready for work and leave!  

He better have his head out of his a$$ by the time he gets home tonight or I will be seriously annoyed. 

Sorry this got long.  ::key lime cake balls if you made it to the end!:: 


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Re: Idiotmanpainintheassitis is at my house

  • I don't think I could've kept my mouth shut if MH was acting like that. Hope he's in a better mood tonight.
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  • I hear ya.  As I posted yesterday, DH has a chest infection, compounded by allergies, matched with back ache, I'malazybumitis, and topped off with IGTBAAAAH (I'mgoingtobeasannoyingasallhell) Syndrome.  Not killing him has really taken a concerted effort this weekend.

    I'm not sure yours would have been so lucky. 

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