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3 wk old not sleeping in basinette

Can anyone help me get my 3 week old to sleep in her basinett...at night she wants to sleep in my arms...once i put her down in her basinette she screams..ugh i miss sleeping in bed with my husband...what can i do?

Re: 3 wk old not sleeping in basinette

  • Lay her down, let her cry for about 10 mins. pick her up sooth her, just long enough for her breathing to go back to normal then repeat. My husband ended up being the one to do this while I went for a walk because I couldn't stand to hear DD cry/scream. It was worth it though, now even when she's sick and I want her close by, she will only sleep in her bed now. 
  • you sound just like us!!  this happened over and over last night, I got no more than 30 mins sleep at a time!! discovered late this morning that she doesn't hate the bassinet, just wants to lay on her belly!  We all got a 2 1/2 hour nap Smile

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  • Is she warm enough? Does she like to be swaddled? Those are the two reasons our LO will wake up immediately if put in his bassinet, otherwise he does well there. HTH!
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  • This was DD#1.  We just decided that sleeping period was the most important thing and we let her sleep in our bed.  It made night nursing so easy, no up and down, just open the bra and latch on.
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