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I'm confused on all the different layers we need in our crib. We already have a bed set (which includes a ruffle, fitted sheet, bumper and quilt) but what else is needed? 

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  • you really don't need anything else. we have the ruffle and bumper (i know some people hate bumpers but since DS can't roll over yet, i'm ok with it), the fitted sheet and a quilt. the quilt usually just ends up on top of the dresser. you'll want some extra fitted sheets but that's it.

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  • We don't need any kind of mattress pad or plastic layer for leaks?
  • i don't have one. the mattress we have came with a cover... i think most crib mattresses do? this is the one we got:


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  • Waterproof matress pad and a couple extra fitted sheets.  Note do not use the bumper or the quilt for at least a year due to SIDS risk.  Try a breatheable bumper and swaddle or Halo blanket instead.


  • I think you got everything. Crib bedding should include a bumper, a comforter, fitted sheet and dust ruffle. My sister recently gifted me one that she purchased from
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