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I have an early confession

When DH and I found out we were pregnant in 2008, we decided on a boy (Connor) & a girl name (Emmalee). When we found out it was a girl we said we would hold the boy name for the next time. Well, SIL just found out they are having a boy and has decided to use Connor now. While I am happy for her having a baby after trying for so long, I am slightly annoyed that they are using the name we had picked. I know I don't have any rights to the name, I am not even pregnant yet or know if I will have a boy. While SIL was coming up with names, she said Connor was in her top 3. I mentioned offhandedly that Connor was the name we were going to use next time if we have a boy. I think part of my irritation also comes from the fact that she doesn't seem to care that we planned to use that name. I totally see her side though, we aren't pregnant nor know if we will have a boy next time. I just wish she was a bit more thoughtful maybe?

Now I am slightly peeved because the next time I do get pregnant I don't want to start thinking of names until I know exactly what I am having. I don't want to fall in love with a name for either a boy or a girl and get really depressed that I can't use it. 

Please no flames, I feel bad enough as it is with the way I am feeling. I love my SIL and VERY happy she is pregnant. This just stings a little.

Re: I have an early confession

  • Eh, if you get the chance, just use it anyway.  Who cares!?!?  The world can never have too many Conners!!  :) :) :)
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