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Does this sound like early pregnancy?

My last period was May 3rd. My husband and I werent exactly trying for a baby but werent be too careful either...I was suppose to ovulate on the 17th we had sex on the 20th. This past Saturday I started to cramp like AF was coming any second but I only had a clearish thick discharge this continued all weekend along with sore boobs as of Now AF is still not here (was suppose to start yesterday) Ive taken a bunch of test but all negative...I know alot of the test say you can test before your missed period but if I did get pregnant I only would have conceived 11 days that even possiable. I know im going to keep testing if AF doesnt show, im only asking to get advice and weather or not this happened to anyone else. Also my cramps have gone away and I no longer feel like AF is about to start.
Thanks Soo much!

Re: Does this sound like early pregnancy?

  • Take a test
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  • Your discharge and cramps sound like that was Ovulation.

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  • Why do you say you were "supposed" to ovulate on the 17th?
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  • Wait until AF is supposed to be here. THEN test.

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  • imageellephunt:

    Your discharge and cramps sound like that was Ovulation.

    I agree, OP you probably just ovulated later than "normal".   Ovulation doesn't always happen on schedule.

  • imageellephunt:

    Your discharge and cramps sound like that was Ovulation.

    ditto this. do the tutorials at You can't "supposed to" ovulate at any given time, you'd only know that if you were temping. And if you did actually ovulate on the 17th and had sex on the 20th, the likelihood of pregnancy from that is basically nil. Also? too early to test for.  

  • every body is different so what is pregnancy symptoms for me could be af symptoms for you.
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  • ditto the others - take a test.

    I hope you're not saying you were "supposed" to ovulate on the 17th because it was day 14 of your cycle (and actually, it was day 15 if you want to get technical).  If that's what you meant, please read Taking Charge of Your Fertility and read up on your body and how it actually works.

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  • Were you charting, testing, or anything to determine ovulation?  It's possible that you ovulated late and that's why AF hasn't shown up yet.  My first month charting I was really sick and I ended up ovulating over a week later than normal.  I would keep testing until you get a positive or AF shows up.
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