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xp: Father's Day gift - need ideas!!

I'm due a week before Father's Day, so chances are, LO will be here just in time.  Therefore, I'm trying to think about Father's Day gift options now, while I have some free time :)  I'm stuck!

If our newborn photos are taken in time, I'd like to give DH a cute shot in a frame for his desk, but it doesn't seem like enough since I'd be doing that anyway regardless of Father's Day.  He already has "his" diaper bag (he picked it out, lol) or else maybe I'd do that.  I've also nixed stuff like a gift certificate for a round of golf or tickets to a game, etc, because we're obviously going to be really busy once the baby arrives, and then the summer gets very complex as we will be traveling and moving.  Ideally, no gift certificates or tickets in general.

Ideas for something clever or special?  I want it to be very Father's Day oriented, rather than something that feels like a birthday gift or whatever.  TIA!

Re: xp: Father's Day gift - need ideas!!

  • What are his hobbies? Perhaps you could get something for the baby that supports his favorite sports team or get some little kid golf clubs or fishing pole for when baby is older so they can do things together. I know it isn't necessarily just for DH but it could be a cute surprise to say "Happy Father's Day" and give him something to look forward to sharing with LO.

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  • Does your DH wear cuff links?    If so, Red Envelope has some really nice silver cuff links that say "DAD" in small print in the corner.   I think they are adorable.    Or if he is into golf, are there any other accessories you could get him that you could personalize with "dad" or something like that?
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  • I like both ideas. I am getting MH a frame that says "Superdad-not all heros wear capes" it's at kohls. Then when baby comes I'll put a picutre of the two of them in it. He can keep it on his desk or at home. What about a mousepad with a picture of baby and YH on it (that's assuming baby is here before father's day)? I'm also getting MH a little onsie that says "daddy's future caddy" because MH loves golf. I love little onsies that pertain to what your husband likes. Sports, golf, music, etc.  Good luck!
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  • I'd say his hobbies are sports (pretty much all pro-sports, but yet not a die-hard fan of any particular team), fitness/the gym, and reading.  He's already got a Kindle and some sports magazine subscriptions and even extra sports packages for the tv.  He also has more than enough sports gear and gym clothes.  I can't think of any equipment or accessories that could be personalized...?  He plays competetive tennis, but he's taking a break for the summer b/c he has too much else going on, and I already bought him a tennis-related onesie a few months ago (damn, should have saved it).  He's not really into computer stuff, video games, massages, art, or cars, and he doesn't get very dressed up for work (business casual).

    Also, it's not a hobby per se, but he is a Reservist in the military.  Our newborn photog wants to find a creative way to utilize a part of his uniform, a flag, etc in a few of the newborn shots.  If they turn out, I might even be able to get one in a frame in time for Father's Day, depending on when LO plans to arrive.  If not, it'll still be a nice surprise for DH.  (He's already bought her some Navy-related onesies and even a sailor dress - cute). 

    I feel like he already has everything, and he hates knick-knacks and "clutter".  He's so tough!!!!  Maybe a baby is gift enough!   (I actually do think it is, but it's his 1st Father's Day and he's been soooooo supportive throughout this entire journey...)

  • Jumping off from some of the ideas you guys gave me (and thanks, btw!)....

    Since he's so into sports, maybe I can get him a variety of kiddie sporting gear.  They'd have to be pink of course, since we're having a girl, hehehe.  She won't be able to use them for a while, of course, but I can see him getting a kick out of a pink baseball glove, a pink mini football, etc.  I dunno, it's a start anyway... :)

    And... if I get enough pics of them together, maybe I can even put together a dvd/photo montage set to music.  Not that I'll have much TIME to do that, but my friend might be able to help (she's good at that stuff). 

  • I'm getting DH his very own manly diaper bag....
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