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No symptoms?

Anyone else not have any symptoms yet?  With DS, I had morning sickness right away.  Right now, I feel completely normal, so I don't feel like this is even real yet. 


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Re: No symptoms?

  • I'm the same way. With DD, as soon as I got my BFP I was nauseous right away and had really really sore boobs. This time, nothing. It hasn't sunk in for me yet either b/c it doesn't feel real. Maybe we will get lucky and not get any m/s!
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  • I've don't have anything either but I didn't have any with my first so I assume all is well ;)

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  • Yeah, it would be nice not to have morning sickness this time.  I'm definitely not complaining about that!
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  • My symptoms have all gone too but I know they will be back.  I didn't get morning sickness with DD until 8 weeks. 
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  • I haven't had any stand-out symptoms yet either.  Except maybe fatigue, but I'm kinda wimpy in that department anyway so it's hard to tell if it's pregnancy-related or not, haha.

    Not to scare anyone, but I had almost zero symptoms last time around too.  But maybe I'm one of those lucky people who just don't feel all that different? Or maybe it's a low-progestrone thing?

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  • I'm 4w5d and the only symptom I have is sore boobs. Getting more sore by the day and I'm happy about that! I want the reassurance b/c last time, I hardly had any symptoms and it didn't go well.
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  • Fatiuge and the occasional back ache is all I got. M/S usually doesn't occur until 5-6 weeks (according to the books, but everyone is different). Also, every pregnancy is different too so, this could be a symptomless pregnancy!
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