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Thanks, ladies

I didn't get a chance to read the troll post below before it was edited, but I can imagine what it said. I just wanted to say thanks for creating a safe place where we can all grieve and rant and cry in whatever way works for each of us. All of us already have to deal with "the real world" that either has no clue what we're going through because we put on our happy face masks all the time, or if they do know, they usually have no idea what to say to us. This is a place were we can finally take off that mask and just be real. Not to mention talk about some TMI stuff that I'm sure no one else wants to hear. I'm happy for anyone who has moved past the pain and doesn't need the support this board offers, but until we all get there, this may be one of the only places some of us can grieve.

Thanks to all of you and may we all be able to face the world soon with honest smiles and happiness.
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