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Squirmy Movements

The more pregnant I get the less actual kicking I am feeling. I'm feeling more squirmy like movements. Also, I will occasionally see her movong my tummy by herself, or feel her stick her booty out. It almost hurts. I think she is out of room. Anyone elae?
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Re: Squirmy Movements

  • Some days I feel more movement than others.  You're a few weeks ahead of me so I'm sure your LO has much less room than my lil peanut.  I do feel more squirms and rolls than distinct kicks and jabs, now.  But, every now and then after a meal it's like a mini circus going on in there and my lil acrobat is at it nonstop. 
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  • That is exactly how I describe her movements now...she is "squirmy"...not as many cute little kicks...mostly just jabs with her elbows and knees


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  • I think my daughter ran out of room a month ago lol! And it down right HURTS when she moves. When ppl watch her move they squirm in pain lol they r like omg that HAS to hurt. I'm like trust me IT DOES!
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  • yeah, I have been having this alot lately, I havent been feeling alot of kicks just him squirming all around & I keep telling my SO it almost hurts when he moves

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  • I am not as far along as you all, but this lo never stops, and it does hurt!!!! My mom tells me that there is no way it can hurt for your baby to move, but it seriously does!
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  • I was told at my 31 week appointment that right now I would be feeling the most movement and than t would drop off after this. I suspect hat it is getting a little tight in there for a good roundhouse kick.
  • My baby was in a state of constant movement until about two or three days ago. Now movement has decreased in frequency and severity. This kid's run out of room and now I feel it shifting and adjusting itself, not rolling over, kicking, jabbing, or dancing like it did before.

    The movements are certainly more subtle but they also feel weird too, because they're pushing up against other organs and tissue so I feel that move in reaction to what the baby does.

  • She is definitely a little squirmy worm. I was just telling my doctor today that there are times when I feel like she's rearranging all of my organs with her wiggles and rolls. There are also times when I can't feel the movements on my body but can see them or feel them with my hand if I'm touching my bump.
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    I'm about a week ahead of you and mine hasn't slowed down yet! The squirming is  happening because there's not as much room to stretch but I described it to my doctor as if the baby is pushing off my ribs with its feet and trying to catapult it's head out :)  My belly still moves back and forth constantly.  It feels way different than kicks but it's definately much more entertaining to watch!
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