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3rd Trimester

Anyone else??

Not only do I feel awful I'm going to be physically sick...but there is soooooo much pressure down there that it hurts to walk. Anyone else feeling like this??



Re: Anyone else??

  • yes!!!! im only 29 weeks and i limp when i walk because my groin and hips are so sore and my baby feels sooo low. how far are you?
  • Same here. I literally can't walk or get up from sitting. It is so painful. I told my doctor and she said it is normal. I don't think so. I see other pregnant women walking around no problem. My husband has to help me everywhere I go. I'm going to talk to my Dr. more about it next time I have an appt.
  • I'm 31 wks along now, and i've had this feeling for about 2 wks now. I didn't think to ask at my last MW appt, but i did yesterday. I was told it was normal. Apparenly it's due to more pressure on your pelvic bones. They do not move, so it absorbs it. I was told that back massages will reduce help reduce the pressure.

    Good luck! I hope you feel better soon - it's definitely hard getting out of bed, or out of a chair these days, but once i get going it doesn't feel as bad

  • Feeling the same way! And it is soooo hot, my office is not cool at all. I just want to go home and have my fan blow on me!  
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  • I feel your pain... but I have been able to find some relief.

    You can try prenatal yoga, but if you do not want to go through the classes (I didn't take any since I have bad knees) I have found this to be very effective:

    Bad cat/good dog. you don?t have to do these as dramatically as the picture shows but pelvic tilts can help with relieving pressure on your lower back as well as the pelvis and move the baby into a favorable position.

    I try to do these everyday, as well as some deep squats and rocking (circles and back and forth movements with the pelvis) on a slightly deflated exercise ball to relieve some pressure and prepare my body for labor (these were all exercises that were mentioned in my labor prep class). GL hope you feel better :D 


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