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Horrible cold, OBGYN or GP?

I am on day 4 of a horrible chest cold with on and off fever. I am also having ear pain and back pain (from all the coughing). At 27 weeks, do I call my OBGYN about this, or should I see a normal practitioner.

If I call out from work again today I need a note, otherwise I would probably just lay in bed and drink water.

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Re: Horrible cold, OBGYN or GP?

  • I was sick 2 weeks ago and my OB told me to see my regular doctor.  I would call just to make sure.
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  • I had the same thing at the very end of my pregnancy. I went to my GP. Although, if your GP prescribes you anything, I would call and confirm it's ok to take with your OBGYN.

    My GP prescribed me eardrops and said they were safe to take while PG. I called my OBGYN and he said definitely not take them and prescribed me something different that was safe for my baby.

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  • My OB has taken care of both a cold and an ear ache for me. These symptoms are usually related to the pregnancy, due to loweres immune systems, or so my OB said.
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  • My OB has me see my GP for colds then call with medication information to double check the safety.
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  • go to a regular doctor...they'll be able to treat you.  OB is not the right person to talk to.


    I thought I had a really bad cold....called my OB nurses line...and they pretty much told me 'drink fluids' and all that crap.  Eventually I decided on my own to see a GP, and found out I had pneumonia!!  I had to go on an inhaler and antibiotics immediately.  The stupid nurses (who I had called repeatedly at my OB) didn't even recommend that I go to a GP...they just said 'oh it's probably a bad cold, and the best you can do is just rest and drink plenty of fluids'.  I could have risked my life and the life of my babies.  Pneumonia can be deadly in pregnant women.  


    Now that I think about it, I should have filed a complaint.  


    Hope you feel better!

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  • I thought I had strep throat symptoms last week and called my OB. They said to call my GP. I told the receptionist at my GP that I was 28 weeks pregnant and they said to come in right away. So, I would go straight to your GP.
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