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I can't believe I'm STILL pregnant...and induction ?

I'm 41 weeks and 1 day -- I really can't believe I haven't gone into labor yet. Going to see my doctor today for a checkup. induction is scheduled for Thursday. I'm a little nervous about induction because I wanted to be able to spend as much time as possible at home before heading to the hospital, but it looks like that won't be the case. any tips/advice to know about getting induced?
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Re: I can't believe I'm STILL pregnant...and induction ?

  • I'm in the exact same situation and actually logged on to post this question looking for any tips/advice. My induction is today! Needless to say I'm nervous, anxious and just don't know what to expect. My intention from day 1 was a low intervention birth and doing most of the laboring at home. Well, as they say babies have a mind of their own and a plan is impossible. So with it only a few hrs away the only advice I can offer that I'm going by is to try to relax and know that our bodies know how to cope. In the end we'll finally be holding our babies Big Smile
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  • I think you're right -- no point in having a plan since you never know! Good luck today!!!
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  • I was induced with both of my boys.  It wasn't bad at all.  My labors were very quick and easy.  That being said, going in to the hospital I was 3 cm and progressing. 
    Hopefully it will go quickly for you, too.  For me, they started the induction in the morning and I had my first at 11:11 am and my second at 10:36 am. 

    Good luck to you both.  I hope everything goes smoothly and quickly!!!!

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  • I was induced at 41 weeks 3 days for my first - my advice would be to stay calm about it all.  The best thing you can do is be flexible.  I did not go in the night before because I was already 1 cm dilated.  I came in first thing in the morning and they started pitocin around 9 am.  By 1 pm I was 4 cm and then I started to slow down and 2 hours later was still 4 cm so the nurses had me sit up and try to encourage the baby to head towards the exit :)  I also moved from side to side to try to encourage movement.  By 6 pm I was 9 cm so I started pushing shortly after.  I know people get nervous with induction that you will be forced to have a c-section so you can just express your wishes to your doc and the L&D nurses and ask them to slow down and wait to break your water if possible and hopefully it will break on it's own.  I would also ask them to allow you to move around as much as you can -even if it's just in your own hospital bed.  Good luck!  I was induced with both kids and delivered vaginally both times in less than 12 hours so I definitely had positive experiences. 
  • Bless your heart! I also had this vision of a med free birth with my first, but I had to let go of that. I was induced at 41 weeks 2 days and was at 3cm before they started anything. I got Pitocin first and then about 30 mins later my OB broke my water. Within 5 hours of checking in I had my beautiful baby girl!

    Tips: 1) If you want to try to avoid an epidural get them to check you right at the point you think you can't handle it anymore. I ended up getting an epidural at the end because my contractions were non-stop and I couldn't catch my breath, of course right after I got it they checked me and I was at 9.5, grr. So I probably could have made it.

    2) Try to stay upright, sitting or otherwise as much as possible. This helped a lot.

    3) Try to listen to your body as much as possible, even being medicinally stimulated, your intuition will still be there.

    And remember all babies come out one way or another and live long happy healthy lives, the birth is just the beginning, like the wedding in a marriage. Don't let your disappointment for your "plan" to overshadow the joy of holding your little one. Which at this point I am sure you are ready to do!!

  • I was in the same boat as you when I had my DS.  I really wanted to labor at home and have a med-free birth.  I was induced a day shy of being 42 weeks.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  They inserted the cervadil at 7pm and I had my DS at 11:20 the next morning.  I was still able to have a pain med-free birth and it was a great. 
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  • Thanks for all the advice. I have been very nervous about induction, but I think if I stay calm and just take it as it comes, all will be well in the end and I will hopefully have my beautiful little baby in my arms. 
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  • SeaMamaSeaMama member
    Honestly? My advice is to read up on C/Sections if you haven't done so already.  I'm NOT - repeat NOT trying to be snarky.  I was induced w/ my son @ 42 weeks and after 2 days of labor and 2 hours of pushing, had a C/S.  I hadn't considered this as a possibility and was adamantly against it so I didn't have any idea about care afterwards, wasn't set up w/ anybody to help me, etc etc etc.  Be prepared for any outcome, that is my advice.  And don't stress out, soon enough you will have your baby and none of this will matter.  Good luck.
  • Thanks for posting this. I am 41 weeks but I have not scheduled anything yet. I really don't want to be induced but I'm willing to do anything to not be pregnant anymore. Anything remotely looking like a "birth day" I'm all for. I too am afraid of a c-section and wanted as close to med free as possible. GL
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  • Induction isn't all that bad. With my DD I went into labor on my own, and I will say that her labor compared to my induction with DS was much worse. Yes the contractions with the pit are painful, but you will fin your own way to deal them whether it be moaning, or moving around. With DS I had went to the Dr. on Monday, and was barely a 1, checked into the hospital tuesday morning at 830, and I was a 4.5. The induction was in full swing by 9am, and DS was born at 133pm that day. I had my DS  pain med free, so if you are looking to go pain med free it can be done!! Good luck to you.


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  • I was induced with my first at 41w4d and honestly it wasn't bad. I got started on pit around 8 in the morning, got my epidural around 5 in the afternoon, and began pushing at 8 that evening. He was out at 8:18pm :o)
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  • I'm also 41 weeks and 1 day and very surprised that I haven't went into labor. Had my appointment this morning and I'm only 30% effaced and 1-2 cm dilated. Since my cervix isn't "ripe", I am going in tomorrow evening for a pill to be inserted to thin out my cervix and then will be started on pitocin on Thursday morning. My little May baby has turned into a June baby...unless he decides to speed up the process and come tonight (which isn't looking promising). 

     I've never stayed in a hospital overnight so I am a little nervous about that as well. I am afraid I will be bored and I am beginning to become nervous about giving birth. I am not planning on an epidural, however I've heard several stories where women have had them at the end because of the pain. I don't know though. 

     Good luck with your induction!

  • Not an answer for induction, but to give you hope for going into labor on your own - I was in almost your exact situation with DD1, scheduled for induction on a Thursday (41 weeks 5 days), and I went into labor on Wednesday afternoon, and she was born before midnight Wednesday night.  I had been barely dilated, but mostly effaced and she was really low at my appt on the Monday before (where my MW stripped my membranes.) 

    Best of luck, whether you're induced or things happen on their own!

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