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*sad today*

so today I  turned 30 :( sad for me since I never pictured my life where it is at this age... divorce, struggling financially to support me and son, and truely feeling I won't find and trust a man again to let down these walls... to top things off, I don't even get to see son today :( he's at his dad's until tomorrow... so I just get to work and then go home...ugh

Re: *sad today*

  • I'm sorry.  Our lives rarely turn out as planned.  Sometimes it helps to keep this in perspective when you're down!
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  • Sorry you're feeling down... but Happy Birthday anyways :)  Treat yourself to some pampering tonight if you can, you deserve it!
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  • Thirty is supposed to be the best year ever! I'd take my cue from cinematic adventures and adopt the motto, "Thirty, flirty and thriving!"


    You'll feel better when you keep repeating how kick@ss you are! 

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