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Pulled Neck Muscle-- 38 weeks pregnant!

Yesterday I was in the backseat of my car, putting up those clingy sun shades for the baby so my neck was at a funny angle. I felt a little cramped up, and so I got out of the car with the worst pulled neck muscle. I don't know if it's due to the stress, something with my hormones, or this just feels SO bad because I'm horribly uncomfortable anyway. Sleeping last night was so incredibly painful (as if I have been getting good sleep as it is).

 I've been putting ice on my neck, 20 min on/20 min off, and taking Tylenol... but can you think of anything else? Has anyone ever been to a chiropractor for this? I've seen a chiro a few times before I got pregnant, but I didn't know if they would be helpful or could even treat me.

Ugh! What a pain in the neck! (I couldn't resist the pun).

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Re: Pulled Neck Muscle-- 38 weeks pregnant!

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    I actually throw my neck out the way some people throw their back out so my chiropractor is a lifesaver in those instances.  I've been fortunate not to do it while pregnant, but I do see him every couple months just for preventative measures.  

    If ice isn't helping you could try heat.  That might relax the muscle.  BioFlex is also wonderful and my OB approved it.   

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  • I use heat and massage and stretch mine out.  If that doesn't work, a prenatal massage often helps.
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  • I pulled a back muscle last week and it wouldn't go away.  A week later I have tried icy-hot, chiropractor, massage, heat, and stretching.  I really think stretching and heat have helped me the most.  GL!
  • I booked a 30 min neck and shoulders massage today at 3. I can't deal!  I hope it works. In the meantime, I'm going to try and take it easy. Ugh. Of course.
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  • Hey, I am 33 weeks pregnant and also a chiropractor. I have had chiropractic care throughout my entire pregnancy and it has been AMAZING! It helped with morning sickness, energy, and all the body changes. It will help. I can help you find a great chiropractor in your area if you would like. I hope this gets better for you, sleep is much needed!! :) you can email me if you have any questions or want some help finding a great doc in your area. [email protected]
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