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What did you do during early labor?

I've been up most of the night with cramping and backache. Finally got up and took a shower around 5 because I was so uncomfortable. When I got out and peed, there was bloody discharge on the toilet paper. Really hoping this means labor is imminent but I can't figure out what the best thing to do at this point is - rest or keep active. Will it make a difference as far as keeping things progressing? What did you do once you started to experience these symptoms? How long until you actually went into labor?


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Re: What did you do during early labor?

  • I read that u should rest. I wish i had experience!!! Looks Like im having a dang June baby for sure. :-(

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  • image sugarangel77:
    I read that u should rest. I wish i had experience!!! Looks Like im having a dang June baby for sure. :-(

    Aw sugar, I'm right there with you :)


    Doing light activity is probably a good idea. It will either keep things going or stop them if its false labor. Either way, it'll keep your mind occupied. Good luck. 

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  • Mine started during the day and I was only sure it was labor for about 4 hours before I went to the hospital.  I continued to do my normal Sunday "chores" (laundry, cleaning up the house, etc).  When I did try and relax and watch some TV with DH it got annoying because for me, early labor was easier to deal with while up and walking /moving.  That said, I was really tired by the time baby arrived at 1:38am, so if you can try and relax. 

  • I continued to do my normal daily stuff -- took my daughter to the park, cooked dinner, etc. If I were you, I'd bake some cupcakes. :) Something easy that will keep your mind off things. You can bring them to the nurses later. GL!
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  • i stayed upright as much as i could...mostly watched tv while swaying back and forth, or walking around the living room lol At my childbirth class, they also suggested sitting on a backwards chair (to open the pelvis).  I did this for 2 hours before i went to the hospital, i really think it was beneficial!



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  • Once contractions hit for me they were really close together (bouncing around within 5 minutes of each other) but they weren't very long or intense for a few hours. I paced a lot at home to keep the nerves at bay, picked up the house, turned on a movie I'd seen a thousand times. Once the contractions started getting more intense, I bounced on an exercise ball and tried to watch the movie. Like a pp said, I handled contractions a lot better when I was up and moving. Take everything easy, though (if you can nap, nap), so you're not exhausted later during delivery.
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  • I have felt like that for 2 weeks and I still don't have an outside baby. I am lucky to get any sleep at night because I am so uncomfortable. Just trying to rest as much as possible is my best advice. I hope something happens soon!
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  • Rest!!! I ended up being in "hard" labor for over 24 hours where I couldn't sleep. By the time my huge baby was ready to come out I was exhausted. Rest all you can.
  • I had mild cramps from 11 am - 5 pm. Around then I had some show, and things picked up around 8 or 9 pm.

    I went to church in early labour. Not sure if that was wise or not, but it worked out fine. In earlier labour, I went garage saleing.

    Oh, and ate. Ate and ate anything that sounded good.

  • I slept for the first 8 hours, then for the next four I ate and finished packing for the hospital.  I ended up going to the doctor at exactly 12 hours into it and they checked me into the hospital.  I'm so glad I rested and ate!
  • So this probably sounds lame, but I didn't realize that I was in early labor until I looked back after I had already had the baby.   I just thought I was a little crampy.

    Anyway, my mom was in town and we went out and did a bunch of stuff and I ended up be REALLY tired when I was going in active labor at 9:30 that night!

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  • I walked and walked and walked and finally started getting steady contractions.  At that point, I laid down and rested as much as I could before the big show started.

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