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Pediatrician Interview

So I have several appointments with pediatricians tomorrow.  Unfortunately DH can't go (first day on his new job) but my mother will be there to guide me, at least for the first one before she has to go to work.  I've been compiling questions, am I missing anything important?


How much they encourage breastfeeding.

How much face time you get with the actual doctor instead of nurses or assistants.

Do they exhaust non-medication solutions to problems before prescribing things.

Will they be supportive of our choice to cloth diaper.

How quickly can you generally get an appointment.

Will the doctor be available to do the first check up in the hospital.

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Re: Pediatrician Interview

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    My Baby 411 (Fields and Brown) book says to ask these questions instead of the ones that I have placed in ():

    1) How did you decide on pediatrics (What is your training)

    2) How long will I be sitting in your waiting room (Do you divide the sick and well waiting rooms)

    3) How does your daily schedule flow and how much time is alotted for visits (How do I schedule well child or sick visits)

    4) How do you approach the doctor-parent relationship (what is your philosophy)

    5) How do you feel about complementary/alternative therapies

    6) How do you feel about vaccinations

    7) Do you have a list of health insurance plans you accept (Do you accept our fill in the blank health plan)

    8) Do you have privleges at the hospital where I am delivering and who cares for my child in an emergency hospital visit or hospitalization (What hospitals do you have privleges at)

    9) Who answers....(a) your patient calls during the day... (b) emergency calls at night...and what is the expected waiting time for a phone call to be returned (How are phone calls handled)

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  • Thank you!  That came in handy this morning.  One more to go this afternoon!
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