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Can we talk about gliders?

DH and I are looking for a nice piece of furniture that we can use in the nursery, but then eventually move into a living room.  So my question is:

Is there a huge difference between gliders sold in baby stores vs. gliders sold in regular furniture stores?  We were at Babies r us today, and the gliders that were on display there just seemed very nursery oriented.  Most of them had a seperate ottoman.  I wasn't cray about any of the models I saw there, and I am guessing that I will end up tripping over the ottoman more often than I will use it.

We also went to a furniture store and checked out a Lazy Boy glider that reclines.  It seemed to be more solid, and would transition better into another room.  I am inclined to buy this glider, but will I regret that decision later and wish I went with a baby-oriented glider?

Also, is there a benefit to having an ottoman with a glider, or will a reclining glider be okay?  Am I really going to be rocking at the same time I have my feet up?  I dunno.  Maybe I am over thinking this?

 Thanks for any advice - I greatly appreciate it!


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Re: Can we talk about gliders?

  • We went with an upholstered swivel-rocker-recliner combo from BRU.  It will look nice anywhere in the house and it's super comfy.  We've been using it with LO for 5.5 months now and I absolutely love it.

    However, I can count on one hand the number of times that I've actually reclined in it while holding LO (mostly in the early weeks when I would nap there when she wouldn't let me put her down).  

    We did end up buying a nursing stool ($25 from BRU) after the first week because my legs were just slightly too short to comfortably rock myself. 

  • We bought a Best recliner/glider from a furniture store. The HUGE advantage to having an ottoman: imagine 3 o'clock in the morning when you've been trying to get your LO down for've had the chair reclined and your baby has finally fallen asleep. Now try and manuver yourself up, kick down the footrest (most of them click or pop) with no hands (they're busy with your LO). Add a c section into that where you can't use your ab muscles to help you. The ottoman (for me) was a must have.
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  • We have one of the Best rocking swivel recliner chairs.  It can be a little tricky to close the recliner when holding a sleeping baby but it isn't impossible.  You could probably get a little nursing stool or one of those cube ottomans for short term if you find the recliner too hard to operate.   Overall, I love our chair.
  • We have an upholstered glider from Walmart.  I think it's supposed to be for a nursery but I think it would fit in with an adult decor.  We didn't get the ottoman because we weren't sure about the space issue (small apartment!) and we've been fine.  I typically sit in it with my legs crossed in front of me and even did that when I was nursing DD. 
  • We bought an upholstered glider that reclines.  It's made by Dutalier and is the Adagio style from their Prestige collection.  Depending on the color/fabric you choose, it could definitely go in another room and did not scream "nursery."  But we did buy it at a local baby store.  I think Buy Buy Baby carries some Dutalier gliders (upholstered and more traditional) as well as Little Castle and Best Chairs, which we also considered.  They have a lot more in the stores than what is on their website.

    This is ours:

    I was not a fan of the wood base with cushion style of glider. 

    You could get an ottoman to match ours, but we didn't because with a recliner I didn't think it would be necessary.  I did register for a small nursing stool though.

  • We have two gliders with matching ottomans.  One is the Best Texiana (not the fabric on the site, though - in our living room.  The other is in the nursery and is a Storkcraft Hoop Glider.  I love both chairs!  The Best was significantly more expensive than the Storkcraft, but we bought it during a buy one, get one free sale at a store in my area (my mom got the same chair in a different color).

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