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Pads vs Tampons

I hope this isn't a totally ignorant question, but here it goes: I've been bleeding for 3.5 weeks now, after the use of Cytotec to get things started. It's not nearly as bad as it was last week and no more clots (finally!!) but definitely more than just spotting. I guess it's similar to a regular period now, as far as the heaviness of the flow goes.

I've been using pads this whole time and seriously, cannot stand them anymore. I change them all the time but they are still scratchy and damp and irritating. I'm really tempted to use tampons at least during the day because I'm walking around like I have a freaking stick up my rear or something, so uncomfortable. Went for a run today and almost died from the chafing. Just disgusting, really.

Has anyone used tampons when you get to this point? My doctor didn't specifically say 'no tampons' but I feel like it was assumed since they said to call if I bled through a pad in an hour. I'm thinking they don't want you to use them if you are having clots, so that they don't get stuck and cause an infection---but I think I'm passed that point now.

Just over it, that's all.  I'll ask the doc tomorrow if I have to but thought maybe you girls could help, too.

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  • I hear you on the pads.  I hate hate hate them.  I would ask the doctor about the tampons.  I have a diva cup that I hope I can go back to if the bleeding continues for awhile.  It seems like it might be safer since it doesn't absorb, but who knows?  Right now I'm just using liners and changing them every hour because I cannot stand the pads anymore.
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  • I've always been told to wear pads the whole time, and unfortunately am now on my 5th miscarriage.  I totally hear ya on not being able to stand them anymore.  Just another aspect of miscarriage that totally sucks.
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    I HATE PADS! I had to wear them the entire time but hopefully your dr will let you switch...You've suffered enough!
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  • I agree with a PP, use pantiliners and change them a little more often.  You can't really tell they are there.  I couldn't run in a pad either, I knew it was down there and it was annoying, so I just didn't do it.  I also wanted to say that I passed a large clot at 5 weeks, out of nowhere, with no cramps or anything.  If I had been wearing a tampon, it's hard to say what would have happened.

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  • When I had my D&C I hated the pads at first...but then I found Always Infinity pads.  They are like the Cadillac of pads.  The reason why your doc may not allow you to use tampons yet is because it may increase the chance of infection because your cervix may still be dilated too much.

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  • Even though they are very irritating. I was told to use pads as all tissue and clots can pass through and there is less of a chance of infection with using pads than tampons.
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