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Not Sure What To Do...Help!!

Ok, maybe I'm being a little crazy but I can't remember the last time I felt the baby move today. It was a really busy day...and I should remember but I don't. I do know that it's been some since the morning that I felt anything. Should I be concerned?? What should I do??



Re: Not Sure What To Do...Help!!

  • drink some OJ and go lie down for a while. You might have been up and at it all day and didn't notice movement. That happens to me a lot
  • When I was worried about that, I read that it helped to go eat something then lie down on your left side for a while and see if you feel anything then.  
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  • Drink a glass of juice, lie on your left side and wait.  Good luck!
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  • Agreed with PP, this happens to me on days when I am running around also. Juice or even a glass of ice water and laying down for a while should do the trick. 

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  • Great thanks ladies I'll try laying down...I just hate not feeling anything!!



  • CMM05CMM05 member

    You might also want to try ice cold water and/or a popsicle......that gets my baby moving more than sweet stuff.

    Lay on your left side.

    If you don't feel anything within the hour, I would call


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  • 1. Dribk something very cold

    2. Eat something sugary

    3. Lay on your left side for 30+ mins

    4. Try not to watch tv or do anything else (relax and focus on baby)

    5. If you don't get 10 kicks in 2 hours definitely call L&D

    Don't worry...I'm sure it's just because you had a busy day. Keep us posted!

  • I second PPs advice.  I realized the other night in bed that I hadn't felt much all day, but had had a super busy and active day.  I felt a few wiggles when I focused on it...enough to reassure me enough to sleep.  The mext morning I started with some juice and immediately baby was making up for lost time.  Like distractingly busy!
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  • Not only will the suggestions mentioned most likely help, I will also have DH talk to her in my belly....I think that his deep voice gets her movin' in there too. 
  • Also: how far along are you? I noticed that the bigger i got, the less baby moved and I was always so worried.... do not panic. and definitely count kicks within a 2 h time period.

    Cold is always better for my LO 

  • Thanks for the advice ladies...I drank some cold water and laid down...and there he/she was...and the baby has been moving since. This was the first time I couldn't remember the baby moving for a long period of time...seriously freaked me out...thanks so muchfor the help Big Smile



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