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freezer friendly meals

Anyone have some good freezer friendly meals? I want to start making a list so I can start cooking when school gets out in a few weeks.


Re: freezer friendly meals

  • My family really enjoys this chicken spaghetti recipe. I usually separate it into two pans, cook one right away and freeze the other. It also reheats well.
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  • This is a meal that I got off of a post that gave a list of  freezer friendly meals..

    sorry, not clicky! Very very tasty!
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  • Stuffed shells -- I loosely follow the recipe on the back of the pasta shell box, adding more seasoning. I do vegetarian version (w/ just spinach) but also sometimes add italian sausage or shrimp. They freeze beautifully. I freeze them on cookie sheets then put them in freezer bags. You can take out just as many as you need when you're ready to cook them. I bake them at around 350, covered, until they seem warmed through, then I add marinara and continue to cook until cheese all melted/creamy, uncovering the last 15 min or so. I always have homemade marinara in the freezer too, but you could easily use a jarred sauce too. So easy - pair w/ a bagged salad and some good bread and it's easy to have a full delicious meal with minimal effort.

    Chili freezes nicely too. Both vegetarian versions and ground meat versions.


  • I've only made 2.  Meatloaf and chicken enchilladas.

    The enchilladas I make are super easy.  All you do is:

    1. Boil chicken (about 1 breasts per 9x9 pan)

    2. Mix Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup (store brand is fine) with some green chilles or even Rotel.

    3. Spread approximately a spoonful of mix on tortillas (I prefer flour, but corn is fine).  Add chicken (as full as you'd like) and sprinkle with cheese.  Roll and place in a baking pan (cake/brownie pans work well).  Make as many as will fill the pan.

    4. Once pan is full, poor the rest of the soup/rotel mix over the top of the rolled tortillas covering entire pan.  

    5. Cover that with cheese (as much as you'd like, I'm pretty liberal), wrap up and put in freezer.

    6. When ready to eat, take out and bake at 350 degrees until cheese is melted.


    Lasagna is also a good option.  You can even pre-marinate some meats or make some hamburger patties to throw on the grill.  For hamburgers just separate them with wax paper before freezing.

    Mashed potatoes are also good to freeze.  As well as any type of casserole.

    Edited: for clearer instructions.

  • I made:

    Chicken Pot Pie Filling - just need to make the crust the day of and bake

    Sloppy Joes

    Chicken Cubes for Stir Fry




  • My plan is to make:

    2 lasagnas

    2 pots of chili

    chicken & rice


    I had more in mind, but can't remember what it was now.  My mom is going to come up some weekend and help with some of it.

  • I just went through a few cookbooks and pulled out a few casseroles that look good and made those.
  • I just posted this on another 'meals to freeze' thread, but I'll share it here too.  I keep a word document of my freezer recipes, and here are my two favorites:


                1 box ziti

    ? lb groundbeef

                ?onion, finely chopped

                1spoonful of minced garlic

                1(23oz) jar of spaghetti sauce

                ?cup Parmesan cheese



    -Cook pastaaccording to package.

    -In saucepan, brown onions, garlic, andground beef.  Add spaghetti sauceand season to taste.

    -Mix pasta and sauce together large mixingbowl with Parmesan cheese.

    -Place in10x10 oven safe dish; allow cooling, and put in the freezer.



    -Remove fromfreezer and allow thawing overnight in refrigerator.

    -Preheat oven to 325.  Cook for 30 minutes.  Top with Parmesan and mozzarella andcontinue to cook for 15 minutes or until cheese is melted and pasta is heatedall the way through.



                1(10.75oz) can Campbell?s condensed cream of chicken soup

                1(10oz) package frozen mixed vegetables, thawed.

                1cup cubed cooked chicken

                ?cup milk


                1cup all-purpose baking mix



                -Mixsoup, vegetables, and chicken in 9in oven safe pie dish.

                -Seasonto taste



                -Thawout frozen chicken mixture.

    -Preheatoven to 400.

                -Placemixture in 9-inch oven safe pie dish.

                -Mixmilk, egg and baking mix.  Pourover chicken mixture.

                -Bakefor 30 minutes or until golden brown.


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  • Ooooh!  PW!  I love her - adding it to this weeks to make list.

     OP, here are few websites that might give you some different ideas:

    This is a fellow nestie who had a baby a while back:

    This one is also a fellow nestie that does once a month cooking (although I believe she also had a baby a while back)

    Happy cooking!

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