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2nd time moms- how long did you push with LO#1?

I am reading more and more about ladies having pushed 1 hour, 2.5 hours, etc. and wondering how you have energy to do that!?  I guess I was lucky with DD1 because I only pushed 1/2 hour.  While I know each one is different, is there an "average" time of pushing?  I can't imagine having enough energy to go that long! 

What kept you going??

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Re: 2nd time moms- how long did you push with LO#1?

  • redsheredshe member

    I pushed for well over an hour.  I was exhausted but when it comes to pushing you kind of get an adrenaline boost that helps.  

    My doctor has said though that 2nd time round it will probably be closer to 1/2 hour...fingers crossed she's right lol

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  • I know what you mean! I only pushed for 45 minutes. I can't imagine going for 2 hours.
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  • Don't let the numbers scare you. It seems like maybe a minute when I look back on it, but I know for sure that I was pushing well over an hour - enough for the doctor to think I'd need a C-Section (but I didn't thankfully). I was so exhausted that I could hardly keep my eyes open, but you just find the energy to push. It just comes to you. Plus, it feels better to push and you just want it over and you want to meet your LO. :)
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  • image rmj80:
    i only pushed 3 or 4 times...so maybe 10-15 minutes?


    This exactly. I had an epi and they mentioned it could take three hours. That was when I decided I wasn't gonna be one that pushed for that long haha 

  • True- I remember the adrenaline rush and how it just felt better to push than not.  I feel for you that pushed longer.  Hoping this one is also 30 minutes or less, we'll see!!  :-)

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  • I think I pushed for 10 minutes or less with each of my kids.  I think that how long you push depends more on the baby's head size, the size of your pelvis, the position of the baby and sometimes weather or not you've had an epidural than anything else, so I don't know if you can come up with an "average" with so many variables.
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  • I pushed for 10 minutes and can't imagine those that have to push for hours
  • I pushed for 2.5 hours after not sleeping over 24 hours.  The only thing that kept me going was that I had no choice but to get the kid out! 
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  • Less than 30 minutes total. The OB was with another woman (who pushed for hours) so the nurse started with me and said that she would get the doctor when the time was close. I pushed twice and she told me that I could rest - she was getting the doctor. When the doctor came in, it as stop and go - I started to tear in the wrong direction and she did an episiotomy and my son's shoulders were big and she had to turn him. But still, the entire process took less than an hour.
  • I pushed for 2 1/2 hours.  It didn't seem like that long though.  It felt better to push (well, except for the first push with each contraction for some reason).  I didn't have an epidural or any other pain medication.  My DS was average size and I am 5'11 and about 175 when I am not pregnant, so not a slight woman at all.  I am hoping and praying for a shorter labor all around this time though (36 hours with DS). 


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  • I pushed for almost 2 hours. They told me at the time they wouldn't let me do it for more than 3 hours, and that usually first timers go anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. It didn't feel like that long at all. I remember looking at the clock when he was born and being shocked that so much time had passed. 
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  • I pushed for 4.5 hours total. 2.5 hours, then my doctor came in and told the nurses that I wasn't ready to push (which I had been telling them all along, I didn't have the urge to push yet) so I took a 20 minute nap and then felt the urge and pushed for another 2 hours. I guess that's what happens when you have a 10lb baby!
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  • I pushed for 3+ hours and ended up needing vacuum extraction.  I was beyond exhausted and am praying this delivery is much easier.
  • I pushed for an hour the first time and with my second dc I only pushed for 10 minutes, I have heard it definitely gets easier each time..
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  • Thank you all for sharing- what stories!! 

    I hope for those of you that had a rough one first time around, it is much easier like I've heard it can be.  I can't imagine having to share my Dr. with someone else, and have them go so much quicker than I- impressive! 

    Thanks again for sharing your stories and good luck to all of you!

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  • Cant recall, but I recall it being no longer than 30 min.  I feel like I just pushed her right out after 3-4 big pushes..

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  • 17 mins with DD, 12 mins with DS.
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  • CMM05CMM05 member

    I pushed for THREE hours....it sucked. And, then, he wouldn't descend, so I had a c-section.

    I wasn't tired until about 1.5 hours in. Luckily, my water broke on its own and when we got to the hospital I was already 6cm and 80% effaced. So, for me, the early labor had gone fast.

    Honestly, the thing that kept me going was that we were team green and I was dying to know what we were having. I always think about what if we would have known the sex.....I'm not sure I would have been as motivated!


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  • almost 2.5 hours and I had to get oxygen and I was exhausted. I had no other choice but to keep going...she told me she was going to give me Pit if he didnt come out so I kept at it.

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  • I was very lucky and my daughter was out in 3 pushes, so maybe a few minutes.  I really hope it goes the same way this time. 

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  • 7 hour labor, 45 mins of pushing. It really seemed to fly by though! I definitely got a second wind when it came time to push. Here's hoping the second time around is even faster/easier! :)
  • I pushed 20 minutes. I was in labor for 38 hours, and when I finally made it to 10 cm the nurse started me practicing pushing just as the dr popped in to say he was heading to the on call room to sleep. Nurse told him he probably had time for nap, then had me start pushing, and all of the sudden DD was crowning. She made me stop pushing and wait for the dr to come back - maybe 5 minutes but it felt like forever because the urge to push was so strong! 10 minutes after the dr came back in DD was born.
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  • I pushed for over three hours. 

    There's not really any alternative to mustering the energy to keep going.

  • 10-15 minutes of pushing.  Water broke at 7:45pm and DD was born at 4:30am.

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  • One hour with my first. His head was in the 95th percentile though!

    About 10 minutes with my second. His head was normal size. :P

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  • With my first I pushed for about 7ish minutes.  With my second I pushed for maybe 5 minutes.

    I had very fast deliveries!

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  • 2hrs with baby #1, 1 hr with baby #2. What kept me going was wanting it to be over. :o) I was so tired during pushing with baby #1 that I actually thought "If I'm really quiet, no one will know I'm having a contraction and I don't have to do this." Right. Because no one would notice if I just didn't end up with a baby. Your mind plays strange tricks on you when you're that exhausted, lol! But I had a nurse switchover about 30 mins before #1 was born. This nurse clearly had been around the baby block before. She got right in my face and said "Listen. I know you're tired. It's the middle of the night and you've been doing this all day, honey. I know you want to sleep, you want to hold your new baby. So let's make these pushes count. You have to do it either way, so let's do it really well and get you finished!" It was exactly what I needed to hear. A few more good pushes, and baby was here! 
  • AwBethAwBeth
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    three hours.  I got the epi literally right before I started pushing, so everything sort of slowed down. 

  • ohfourohfour member
    2 1/2 hrs. Honestly, I had no choice but to keep going. I just wanted her out SO bad. My nurse was great, she kept getting all excited and telling me I was doing awesome and I was almost there, etc. I kept thinking "okay, this must be it, I'm at the end" so I just kept going. It seemed like a long time, but definitely didn't seem like 2 1/2 hrs. I was absolutely exhausted, I was sweaty, smelly, popped blood vessels in my face, etc. At that point though, you've made it through the worst and you just want to meet your baby. The next day my arms and legs were SO sore from pushing, I felt like I had run a marathon! Every bit was worth it and I realize I'll probably be doing the same thing in less than 2 months, but it's okay, the reward is GREAT!
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  • 2 1/2 hours.
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  • I pushed for 40 minutes with my DD (LO #1). I was spent after that...I give props to the Mom's that pushed for longer!!


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  • with DS i pushed for 2 1/2 hours and ended in a c-section. it really didn't seem that long... but indeed it was. ending in the c-section was such a bummer to me, but he just wasn't coming out. needless to say, i was exhausted that night! between 16 hours of labor, the pushing & then my c/s.

  • image rmj80:
    i only pushed 3 or 4 times...so maybe 10-15 minutes?

    This.  I was lucky...it didn't even feel like 10 minutes.

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