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My Unplanned Home Birth Story (Long)

I night I will never forget as long as I live.  On Tuesday, the 24th our little baby girl was born in our home.  It all began with a routine doctor?s visit that afternoon at 1pm, I was 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant.  My doctor gave me an exam and told me I was 2 to 3 centimeter dilated and 90% effaced. I asked to be scheduled for an induction on my due day and so he did.  I also had asked him to do a membrane sweep which was something we talked about a couple of weeks prior as an option to possibly start natural labor.  So I had a membrane sweep done at 1:30pm it took all of 30 seconds.  I was warned that I may experience cramping and some bleeding.  The probability of the onset of labor would be 24 to 48 hours.  Ok no problem.

I went home feeling fine and a little uncomfortable like the doctor said.  I waited until my son got up around 3:30pm to take him to get his hair cut.  Hair cut took place around 4:30pm all the time still feeling fine.  At home around 5pm I started to feel menstrual like cramps which I chalked it up to the cramping my doctor said i would feel.  My husband cooked dinner and I began to organize my things joking with my husband that tonight is the night (not thinking at all that I would be).  By 6:30pm my cramps were getting more intense and for moments stopping me in my tracks, but still not horrible.  I mentioned this to my husband and he told me to lie down on the couch.  Dinner was on the table at 7:15pm and I had no appetite to eat. At 7:30 I called my doctor to see what he thought about my situation and he told me if the contractions/cramping were 7 to 8 minutes apart to call him back and if 5 minutes apart go to the hospital at this point there were about 10 minutes apart.  At 7:57pm I called my sister in California who had had two natural births to find out if what I was experiencing were actual contractions.  (side note:  I was induced with my son due to pre-e and was given pitocin which were the worst contractions I had ever felt and got an epidural.  So I wasn?t quite sure that what I was experiencing were true contractions or just cramping)  I as on the phone with her for 6 minutes and had two contractions during that time that I was not able to speak through.  She said to hand the phone to my husband in which she told him to take me to the hospital right away.  After that my husband called his mother and aunt to come over to watch my son and called my doctor to say we were doing to the hospital.  At this time I made my way to the bathroom because I felt like I had to go but nothing... all the while having contractions about 3 minutes apart.  My MIL showed up at 8:12pm and we were ready to go to the hospital until I realized that my urgency to go to the bathroom was my need to push.  My husband, MIL and her sister all looked at me in shock when I said that I needed to push and that they should call 911 because we are not going to make it to the hospital.  As I began to push I felt a little bit of water come out.  My MIL and her sister (both retired nurses) said that my water is breaking and rushed me over to our leather one-seater chair to sit down.  By this time my husband had ran across the street to a police officer who was on duty and explained to him that his wife was in labor and come quick.  He dispatched the EMT and two other police officers on duty.  I could not believe this was happening to me... there was no way to get any pain medication, no epidural, holy sh*t!!!  The EMT and cops where there within minutes and the one cop that came had delivered 7 babies before, mine being the 8th.  He talked me through it and I pushed a few more times all the while hold my MIL and her sister's hand while they patted my head with a cold wet towel.  The cop was urgently demanding blankets and towels.  I was screaming so loud from the pain of pushing it was ridiculous... it was like something I have never felt before.  My husband called my doctor and my parents and told them to come quick because I was having the baby now in the house.  He also called a cousin to pick up my son.  All this happened within a matter of minutes because with one a final push my baby girl was born at 8:33pm.  She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  She cried the moment she was born and was wrapped in a towel.  I cried very hard at how beautiful she was and what an amazing thing I had just done.  My doctor arrived moments after I delivered the baby and was there to deliver the placenta.  After that I was taken with my little girl in the ambulance to the hospital.  By far the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life.  I thank God for taking care of me and my baby through that delivery.  The people at the hospital were cheering me on and congratulating me.  The RNs at the hospital nicked named my little girl ?The Bullet Baby? and everyone knew my incredible story.  Incredible it was? like something you would see in the movies.     


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Re: My Unplanned Home Birth Story (Long)

  • Amazing story! Thanks for sharing!

    Robert was born 7-7-09 at 35 weeks Zooey arrived 7-13-11 at 38 weeks 4 days! Thanks progesterone!
    Praying for our July 2011 preemies to Grow, Grow, Grow!!
  • Congrats! What an amazing story!
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  • What an incredible birth story! Congratulations!


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  • Wow! That is insane! I am covered head to toe in chill bumps reading your story. Amazing! Congratulations! You are a warrior woman! What a beautiful blessing!
    Cant wait to meet our little girl!!! BabyFruit Ticker
  • Wow!  Congrats and thanks for sharing your story!
  • Congrats!  You deserve a Medal of Honor! 
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  • Wow, that IS an amazing story! It totally teared up while reading it... what a great and happy story. I am so glad that you and your baby are doing well and everything went good in such a crazy circumstance. Congratulations!!

  • MCH77MCH77
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    Happy to hear that you are both doing so well.  And what a story to tell!

    BFP #1 March 24, 2010; missed m/c May 26, 2010 @ 12w 4d; D&E May 28, 2010

    BFP #2 Oct 20, 2010; My little boy was born on July 5, 2011

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    BFP #4 Aug 22, 2013; It's a boy.  Loss discovered at 24 weeks on Jan 15, 2014 (cause CMV virus)    

                                  <3 We love and miss you Timothy <3

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  • Wow that is crazy! I'm happy for you though, as crazy as that sounds. I'm a little jealous! No medications no long hours of pain and being in the hospital. Good for you! Congrats on your baby girl
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  • Now that's a birth story to remember!

  • WOW! This is an amazing story. I am so glad that you and LO are doing well. Congratulations!
  • All I can say is WOW!! That is one of the most amazing stories I have ever heard!!  That is awesome and I am so glad you are both okay.  Congrats to you and your family!!

  • I keep saying what goes in must come out- but holy [email protected]!

    Congrats on your Bullet Baby and the Speedy delivery!

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  • Wow!! What a story! Glad you are both doing well!!

  • I want to say congratulations from one unplanned home birth momma to another! I was home alone though so I delivered by myself. I definitely consider DD to be a miracle baby as is your baby girl! 
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  • Oh my goodness congratulations!
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  • amazing story congrats!!!!
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  • Wow! Amazing!!! Good job momma!
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