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Baby Boy Nursery: Blue w/ Black Furniture

Re: Baby Boy Nursery: Blue w/ Black Furniture

  • I really like it!  I've been struggling with trying to think of how to decorate DS's nursery.  We went completely all out with DD's room decor and unfortunately don't have the funds to make DS's room as crazy.  I, too, didn't want some cutesy decor.  With DD I figured it was fine to be a bit cutesy since I'm sure she'll be "cutesy" for many many years.  I think I may have to steal your idea!  muahahahahaha.......Surprise
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  • I like it, especially the stripes!
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  • I like, we have the same crib for DD in the chocolate mist same with the dresser.  But we just bought her a new crib because we redid her room with white furniture, now we use her dresser as our entertainment center.  Looks really good.
  • The room looks great.  Your daughter was so cute "helping" and it melted my heart when I read she ran off to get toys for her brother's basket. 
  • Very nice! Do you mind sharing where you got the mobile?
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    Looks great! I really enjoyed reading your blog post too!
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  • griff45griff45 member
    Super cute!
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  • It came out really really nice, you did a great job

    and I love how your DD wanted to share her toys with her new baby brother

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  • Those are so adorable! The pictures of your daughter helping made me tear up. Darn hormones. Such a cute room!
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  • Very cute!

  • thanks so much everyone! we had fun putting it together. :)
  • looks excellent! You and your DH did a great job:)


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