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WTB: Take Me Home Outfit

Where did you get yours?

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Re: WTB: Take Me Home Outfit

  • I got one boys and one girls at Carters. If you know the sex and want something gender specific, and more personalized, try etsy? this is the one I LOVE!!! http://www.etsy.com/listing/70708337/baby-girl-personalized-polka-dot-newborn
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  • I had an adorable size 0-3 outfit ready for LO, but it ended up being way too big.  I took a back-up outfit in size NB and it was also way too big.  

    Luckily, I had thrown a sleeping gown in her bag at last minute, so that's what we used.  We rolled the sleeves up and put it on over her hospital teeshirt, threw on some socks and her hospital hat (the hats I brought were all too big).  Wasn't at all what we had planned, but she sure did look cute!

    Outfits were from Kohls and Babies R Us. 

  • We had a cute coming home outfit planned, but when she got here, they were too big for her, so she wore a NB size sleep n play from Carters to come home. I guess it didn't really matter since we didn't do pictures at the hospital.. The only reason I wouldn't do a gown is for in the car seat, you have to hook between their legs. HTH 
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  • We also bought an outfit to bring him home in and it was way too big...Maybe wait until they are born and have your husband or someone else surprise you with an outfit to take them home in...if there is a location accessible for him to go...
  • Macys - Ralph Lauren sleeper.  Luckily, my sister picked up the exact one I had brought with us in the correct size - he came 3 weeks early so the 3 month I had bought was too big but the NB fit perfect. 
  • I got an adorable velour Ralph Lauren onesie at the outlets.  I also brought an outfit that had a snowman on it that said, "Let it snow!" and since we went home in the beginning of a blizzard, I went with the Let It Snow outfit.
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