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TTC after 35

Any natural BFPs after age 35??

Just curious if anyone has had a BFP after 35 without any help? DH and I have decided that after 3 more cycles, we will seek help (if needed). I am hoping that doesn't need to happen.

Re: Any natural BFPs after age 35??

  • Yes, there are natural BFP's!  Check out Preg after 35 and you will find lots.  Unfortunately a bunch of the ladies that may answer you here have been on this board for a while and are the ones that end up needing treatments. The PG ones move on quickly to the other boards.

    TTC #1 since 8/1/10; Me:41 and BRCA1+, DH:46
    DOR (FSH 24.3)/ terrible egg quality ; homozygous MTHFR c677t
    5 IUI's: 2/11 to 6/11 and 1/12= BFN
    OE IVF#1-4 8/11-6/12= all BFN
    DE IVF#1 11/12 bad embryos= BFN
    DE IVF #2 2/13 BFP/Beta hell: m/c 5w6d
    CFNBC 7 months, not doing well; decided on guarantee program at RBA w/frozen DE
    DE IVF #3 1/14  ET 4BB; BFP;M/C 5w1d, incomplete m/c; MVA extraction in ER 7w1d

    DE FET#1 ET 3/1714; BFP, beta 1 3/27= 197, beta 2 3/31= 1586, beta 3 4/7= 13879!!
    First u/s= Twins with HBs at 6w2d! We are Team Pink x 2!!

    K & K born 11/21/14 at 38wks 4 days


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  • My BPF was natural, although it ended in a miscarriage so that doesn't totally count. Confused There are lots of women on the Pg over 35 board that conceived naturally... actually a lot in their late 30s / early 40s. There were even some whoopsies on that board too. lol

    How many cycles have you been trying? Are you temping or using OPKs to help get the timing right?


  • I got pregnant on my own at 37 and my daughter is a perfect and healthy 3 year old. Then at 39 I got pregnant on my own but micarried and at 40 I also got pregnant on my own but miscarried.  Guess that is when all the help started coming in, at 40 we went to RE. Best of luck. Get going and you may work out!



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    bfp 1/13/2010 miscarriage 1/26/2010

    BFP 5/4/2010 missed miscarriage d&c 6/9/2010

    IUI#1 10/11/2010 BFN

    IUI#2 12/6/2010 BFN

    IUI#3 1/10/11 BFN

    Break for a month and then aggressive IUI

    2/22/2011 beginning of IUI 4

    iui 4 cancelled 2/28 due to ovulation on my own (so we actually had to have sex!)now lets wait and see on 3/14, wish me luck!! 3/13 BFN

    waiting for bloodwork results and such and have cysts March 2011

    FSH high at 10.9 and low AMH is result of bloodwork

    IUI 4 (again) 4/27/11, please work! 5/13/2011 BFN!!!

    IVF cycle in July 2011 turned into IUI on 7/19- wish us luck

    8/1 HPT negative- trying to figure out what is next if anything

    10/18/11 on to IVF attempt 1.5 see if we can get to ER

    2/2012 on to IVF attempt 2? so far progressing well

    2/25/12 ER and 11retreived, 2embryos, they did not grow, my eggs are no good, finally closure on this chapter

    Transferred one 1 via IVF on 10/21 and BFP on 10/30

    miscarriage at 6weeks Nov 19 2012
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    I agree with the other posters.  The only thing I would recommend is if you are having problems to to see a RE sooner than later.  Best of luck, hope it happens for you soon!!
    I am AMA and all tests on H came back normal
    3 failed IVF with OE and 2 failed frozen DE cycles
    Last fresh hail mary DE cycle starting Feb 2013
    PAIF/SAIF always welcome
  • when i was 37 i got pg on the first try with my son ... totally natural.

    am 42 and this pg was sort of, kind of natural in that i didn't take any stimulation drugs, but i did do an ovulation trigger shot and iui (and acupuncture) 

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    of course you can!

    my friend was 39 with her first, it took six cycles (but she wasn't temping or using OPK's)

    my other girlfriend is turning 40 next month, had years of infertility in her early 30's (endo) after a lap, she got pregnant at 37 and is now having her second at 40 in Sept after only two cycles of trying.

    b/w=FSH 15.6, AMH 0.4 surprise natural BFP on 3/12/11
    DS born via unplanned C-section at 40w6d


  • Me!  #1 at 35, #2 at 39!  
  • I got a BFP with my almost 3 yr old daughter, naturally on the first try. I only hope I can be that lucky this time.
    Taylor Kate 6.4.08

    Secondary IF: Age 40, Ovarian cysts, Stage 3 Endometriosis, lost right tube,

    remaining tube partially blocked. FSH 7.8 | AMH 1.02

    IVF #1 Antagonist cycle, ER: 13R, 9F, 1 frozen

    5dt on 11/1 of one beautiful, perfect blast with zero fragmentation

    Very cautious BFP!!

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  • I got pregnant naturally on the first try at 38 and delivered a healthy baby boy at 39. We are trying for #2 but running into a wall. I am now 40, but DH has low motility and some morph issues. We will probably do IVF with ICSI in July.

  • I work with a woman who told me she knows someone who went through 3 cycles of IVF with no luck.  She then went on to have 3 children naturally in her late 30s.  This boggles my mind and I'm not sure how it's possible, but it gives me hope.
    TTC #1 since May 2010
    9/10 and 1/11 Normal blood work
    2/11 50 mg Clomid = BFN
    4/11 50 mg Clomid = BFN
    5/11 100 mg Clomid = BFN
    6/11 2.5 mg Femara = BFN
    7/11 2.5 mg Femara = BFN
    SA normal and HSG all clear
    11/11 14 HMG shots with HCG trigger = BFN
    12/11 Femara + HMG = BFP!!
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