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Any good nursery art sources?

I am into the nuts and bolts of designing my nursery now (probably leaving it a little late) and was tossing up between a safari theme or a puppy dog theme (but not too matchy). I would like to keep the style pretty clean and modern.

I have some favorites in regard to bedding, rugs etc, but am really having trouble finding anything I like for the walls.

Does anyone know of any good sources for this kind of nursery art? I have started to look at Etsy, but there are just so many options I was wondering if anyone had any good experiences or suggestions.

 Thanks so much


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Re: Any good nursery art sources?

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    We purchased 4 of these in coordinating colors, and I love them! The posibilities are pretty much endless, since there are so many different prints to choose from.

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  • Thanks so much for that. I checked them out and it is pretty cool. It would be great to have a choice of colors like that too.

     I was also looking for some animals and can't decide whether to go with a dog or safari theme. Anyone else come accross any good nursery art sources with animals as well?

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