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XP help a girl out please!

We had family in this weekend and SIL/BIL let their almost three year old run wild in the house all weekend (she was all over the place- one night after finally getting a fussy overstimulated DS to bed at like 10p I found her in my room chasing our poor dog around in circles while her parents were downstairs making her dinner). Well, afterthey left Dh and I found out she had gotten into some markers in our office and drew all over our wooden, white desk and chair. I've tried water, soap, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, and a magic eraser and nothing is taking the marker off. Did I mention it was permanent marker? What in the heck can I do besides repaint the chair/desk? Any other suggestions? There is also permanent marker spots on the tan seat of the chair that I can't get off, but those are small and I feel like can deal, however, the other marks are huge. Replacing the chair is not an option because we have a wrap around desk with three chairs that they don't make any more, so we can't just buy one new chair and desk top because there are three chairs and three desk tops in the office.

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Re: XP help a girl out please!

  • Hair spray takes out regular ink, not sure if it will work on permanent ink though.
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  • I'd just repaint it. A can of white spray paint is what, $4? And if you do it in the morning and have it set in the sun, it'll be dry by lunch time.

    (My son did once use a black perm marker on my dining room chairs, and I got it out with diaper wipes! You can NOT even tell it's there. But I have no idea how it'd work on wood, especially since you've already used so many other products on it.)

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  • I agree with the PP about painting the chair.

    I can sympatheize with you. My brother and SIL never watch my nephew and seem to have a completely different set of rules depending on the situation. A few weeks ago while at my house they gave their 4 year old a huge cup ( think big gulp size at 7-11) filled to the top with some sort of red punch...to walk around my house with! Of course he spills it. And of course it stains. My carpet and one of my dining room chairs (fabirc seat) is completly ruined. And what do his parents do afterwards.... they fill his cup. Luckily I realized and took it away.

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