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Best baby carrier that is not too expensive?

Any thoughts on any of the infantinos?

Re: Best baby carrier that is not too expensive?

  • A carrier is one thing that I personally wouldn't go cheap on.  The cheaper ones that I've used (Snuggli, Bjorn, cheap sling) all HURT and baby didn't like them as much as the Moby or Ergo which I LOVE.  The Ergo is well worth the $100 or so that it retails for- we've used it from 5 months (you can use it earlier if you get the infant insert) on and still use it today for long hikes or in the airport (MUCH easier to bring that than our big stroller- plus he stays in there longer than he would in a stroller).  It never hurts my back and its so comfy for both of us.  You can definately find it cheaper too as it pops up frequently on babysteals or also check your local Craigslist for a used one. 
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  • We received a Moby Wrap for our baby shower. Based on the reviews it seems great for the price. They go for around $40 at Target or BRU. I opened ours and tried learning how to used it the other day. It is quite intimidating at first but do give it a try. If you aren't satisfied you could always return it.
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  • You definitely get what you pay for with baby carriers.  A lot of the cheaper carriers don't put baby in a position that's good for them and their poor design can be really hard on your back.  If you invest in something a little more expensive right away it will be much more comfortable for you and your baby and you will get a lot more use out of it.

    I would recommend starting with a wrap style carrier like the Moby.  They're not that expensive and they are great for newborns.  I thought it was very easy to use and I loved it. 

    If you want to continue baby-wearing, around 4-5 months you can switch to a more structured baby carrier, like the Ergo or Beco, or get a woven if you want to stick with the wrap style.  We got an Ergo carrier around 5 months and I love this one too.  It's a little more expensive but it's very comfortable and I'll be able to use it at least until DS is 2.  Babysteals has the Ergo carrier every 3 months or so and I got mine through them for only $58.

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  • We received the Bjorn as a gift and eventually bought the Ergo and Moby.  We much prefer the Ergo over the Bjorn.  It is definitely much more comfortable and provides more support.  We purchased the Ergo on babysteals so got it for a great deal.  I bought the Moby but I believe I bought it too late because DD was not used to being in it and would cry.  I may give it another go with #2 right away and see if it works with him.  I also plan to buy the infant insert for the Ergo since no matter what I highly doubt DH will want to use the Moby.
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  • I agree to not go cheap, they are worth the money and you may regret the knock off.  I got a Baby Bjorn through the kohls website way on sale and then with a 30% off coupon that I got form them.  Totally worth it. 
  • We have both the bjorn and the ergo. The bjorn is great for when they're small it killed my back when DS got to be around 15 lbs. The ergo will be the better option to use overall and offers wonderful back support. It's a bit pricey, at about $100 normally but like a pp said they get really discounted on the baby discount websites occasionally and are close to the same price as the bjorn then. 
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  • No baby yet, so I can't really offer an opinion, but we have been given an Infantino carrier and I have a fabric sling style that I will probably use in the beginning to see how we like baby carrying.  Ergo seems preferred by most and can be used for the longest, by everything I've researched.

    Awhile back, someone posted this site where you can rent different baby carriers via the mail to see what you like (it's reasonable if you end up purchasing a carrier from them).  They also have a 90 day return policy for purchased carriers and offer price matching, so If you do decide to purchase one, this might be an option to look into: 

  • so agreeing with pp.  someone gifted me a baby go (like a snugli) carrier for my shower and I was happy to have something to use while my son was too small for the ergo (I hated the insert) but when he got to 15 lbs or so I hated the back pain.  The ergo has been a savior and I have heard good things about the beco and mei tai. 
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