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Used baby clothes?

Anyone else buy used baby clothes?  I can't justify buying some items new and full price!  Items like jeans, hoodies etc. that I know they will grow out of in a month.  Especially name brand items like Baby Gap.

Do lots of you Moms buys gently used clothing for your babies?

Re: Used baby clothes?

  • Yes lots of moms buy used clothing for babies and kids of all ages for that matter!
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    Yup, I bought some things at a consignment shop and at a consignment sale. I plan on shopping at places like this as she grows! Kids won't even know the difference!
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  • beyogabeyoga member
    I mostly buy used.  I don't see the point in spending all that money on new clothes when they grow out of them so fast.  Most yard sale and Ebay clothes are like new and a number of them still have the tags on it.  I spent $40 dollars on Saturday and bought my dd (who will be here in October) basically an entire wardrobe for 0-3 months up to 6-9 months.  
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    OF COURSE! I got 16 items of clothing for $4 a couple months ago. And my friends are giving me a lot of their babies old stuff. Just make sure there still in good condition :)
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  • Yes. 90% of my kids' clothes are second hand.
    They only fit in them 3 months tops when they are infants/toddlers, I don't see the point spending money on new clothes.

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  • Yup!  I'm not embarassed to accept hand-me-downs.  Also, in my area they have a huge used baby sale twice a year where parents can sell their gently used items and clothes.  I've gotten DD Ralph Lauren dresses for under $10 there.
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  • All the time. Would you rather spend $20 on a pair of Seven for All Mankind jeans for your nine year old, or buy Walmart jeans (which I think are usually $25...). If it looks new or nearly new, and costs less than the big W, I'm all for it. My kids clothes are always nice. Besides the good consignment store I frequent Costco, eBay and online sales.

  • Yes, I buy and sell clothes at a consignment sale.  You can generally find a lot of brand new stuff in 0-6 month sizes. 

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  • Yup! My MIL is the garage-sale queen and so 3/4 of LO's wardrobe (we have from newborn through 3T - and she's only 5 months old, lol) has been "gently used"!

    Can't beat the prices, either.  Especially since virtually nothing gets truly worn out by babies because they don't wear things enough times for that.  Your worst-case scenario would be stains.

  • used baby clothes are the best b/c you can find them new with tags or with hardly any use since they grow out of them so fast! Once they hit my DD's age, good used ones are harder to find.
  • I love garage sales and hand-me-downs (my boss gives me all her daughter's clothes and we have clothes up to size 10).  I rarely pay full price for anything unless my daughter really truly needs it (like underwear and undershirts). 

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  • I've bought probably 100 gently used outfits on CRAIGSLIST for about $40.  You can't beat it!  I love seeing online what's available before I drive to go get it.  I live in the west suburbs of Chicago, so craigslist does very well here.  If you don't live quite so close to a metropolis, probably the consignment stores & garage sales are your best bet.   
  • I have to admit that before DS was born, for a good 2 years actually, I slowly purchased newborn and infant clothing - all new.  By the time he was born he had TONS of clothing - sizes NB up to 12 months.  I would say 1/2 of it he wore only one time, if that.  In fact, many items he never wore.  When I finally had to start buying him clothing again, around 9 months of age, I bought just a few essential pieces new and mostly I shop for him now at Childrens Consignment sales.  These types of sales are big around here and we have like 6 a year, there are 3 different ones that each have their sale twice a year.  It's a great way to buy gently used clothing at reasonable (if not cheap) prices.  I also am a consignor and sell items.  As an example, this past weekend I went to a sale and bought for DS 3 Ralph Lauren polo short sleeved shirts (size 18 months) and 1 Gap short sleeve onesie (size 18-24 months) and paid $15 for the 4 pieces.  I thought it was a great deal.  One of those shirts alone costs $15+ brand new.  I wouldn't have put him in used clothing between birth and 6 months though - only because he's our first and we wanted to spoil him :)  I didn't have any relatives w/recent LO's that could pass on to me any baby clothing ... else we would have gladly accepted those.
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