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Article on the Tuscaloosa tornado

Many of you know I'm a newspaper reporter. But in my six years in my job I've never written anything for the editorial page, until now. I decided to write something about my experience with the tornado and the recovery process in my neighborhood.

Just thought I'd share.

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Re: Article on the Tuscaloosa tornado

  • I saw it on FB! Great article!!
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  • Great job!!
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  • Great article.  I love your writing style.
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  • W O W ! Thanks - your article on Tuscaloosa area tornado April 27th was great. I?m so glad you didn?t lose your home. Sorry however you lost those giant oaks.

    We weren't quite that lucky; lost our house and 2 vehicles; but, came through without any loss of life even though I suffered some bruises and a broken arm.

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  • beautifully written!!

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  • Lydia, it's funny (and I've been meaning to tell you this since I read the article), but I had the same thoughts about there being so much sky visible when I first saw the areas that were worst hit by the tornado. Great article.
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