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How do you know if it is finished? (warning gory detail)


I posted a few days ago that I was about to have make the decision to either take the medication to force the MC or go for D&C and am grateful for your responses.  

I have been spotting since Satruday last week.  I had some severe cramping Thursday afternoon. 

I had an appointment at the clinic on Friday morning and the nurses explained my options.  I made the choice to use the medication.  They gave me the pills and some pain meds and I was instructed to wait until Sunday (today) morning to take the pills and return to the clinic the next day.  

That evening (Friday) at about 10pm the cramping got exponentially worse.  I took advil but that wasn't enough so I took some of the Tylenol 3 they had prescribed.  That helped and I was able to rest.  I woke up in the middle of the night when the T3s wore off and took some more advil for the cramping.  I fell back asleep.  When I woke in the morning I had soaked through the pad, there was blood everywhere and when I went to the bathroom, more blood and then what I think was the 'products of conception' passed into the collection bucket they provided. I have had a few minor crampy feelings, and some very light spotting but nothing since.  

I don't want to take the medication if I have already finished and have miscarried naturally.  I am just not sure it's over.  How do you know?



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Re: How do you know if it is finished? (warning gory detail)

  • The medication would probably only do what your body already did. Is there an on-call doctor you could contact? If it were me, I'd just wait since you're going to see them tomorrow anyway. It doesn't seem like taking the medicine to induce what already happened would be a good idea.


  • They confirmed it with an ultrasound to make sure nothing remained. I'd call a doc or nurse on call and see what they think. So sorry:(
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  • An ultrasound is the only way to tell for sure if everything is gone.  I began to miscarry naturally and even passed the sac and thought that it would be over after that.  But when they did another ultrasound, I still had some tissue left and ended up needing to have a D&C.

    I would call the doctor and ask them to do an ultrasound before you take the medication.

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  • I would call a doc, too, but I'm betting you won't need the meds. Like the previous posters said, it would only do what your body has already done.

    I thought I was 'done' also after a really awful night and passing 'products' but 10 days later an US showed more clots and tissue in there. They are letting me ride it out though since my hcg is falling appropriately. So hopefully the worst is over for you as far as cramping and passing large things, but you still might bleed for a while just to forewarn you.  I'm going on 3.5 weeks since the sac passed. 

    Hang in there! 

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