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peninsula moms - diaper services vs. purchasing in stores?


DD is due in July.  I'm wondering if I should sign up with a diaper service or just pick up my diapers as needed at a store. 

DH and I will both work full time after my maternity leave is up.  We'll be pretty busy and do not live near a Costco or Babies R Us.  (We are close to a Target.) I can see where a diaper service may save us some time.  However, we will be on a strict budget as well.

Any thoughts?

What diaper brands, services, stores etc. do you recommend?

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Re: peninsula moms - diaper services vs. purchasing in stores?

  • Cloth with a service is close to comparable with buying disposables normally.  IMO cloth is more of a lifestyle choice.  There's a start off cost of covers, but we found the service (Tiny Tots) to be quick and easy.  We didn't have problems finding a daycare that would handle cloth. I think I could have laundered our own cloth without much of a increase of work.

    DS ended up to get a reaction to the cloth diapers so we switched to disposables when he was about 8 months old.  We use Pampers.  Dry Max at night and Cruisers during the day.  (I didn't like the smell of the costco diapers) We've been stocking up at  Target and BRU when they're on sale.  Otherwise I'd probably do or amazon subscribe and save.

    Good Luck with your choice.


  • We primarily use cloth, but we buy our sposies at Target. I've heard good reviews for and Amazon's baby program.
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  • We use cloth mostly, but overnight sposies.

    If you want sposies, I think Amazon has the best price if you subscribe and save. you get something like 30% off and it's free shipping. It's standard shipping now so it'll take a weekish to get to you, so set your refills accordingly.


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