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I'm back from my 'vacation.'

Ugh, what a trip.

1. MIL spent the first 3 days high on painkillers, acting like a farking stark raving mad fool, then 'confessed' to us on day 4 that she thought we were only there to see DH's grandmother and not her! What an idiot! She spent the other 3 days NOT on painkillers, but also creating excuses to isolate herself in her bedroom. "I feel like my gallbladder hurts." "I have diarrhea." (WTheck??) "I miss _____(insert DH's father's name, RIP)__." Gracious! We did have a good time with his friends, but dang that woman is grade A crazy. She hasn't seen any of us in a few years and was high, then ignored us. Ugh.

2. My parent's house: Fine, but my dad and stepmom have just one little room designated for the kids. They can't be in any other room because my stepmom is convinced they're going to destroy the house. Oh well, at least we're not sleeping on the floor anymore.

3. The first night there, I woke at 3am and Adena hadn't woken up to feed yet and it'd been HOURS. I leaned over to check on her (Had her in a tiny travel cot at the foot of the bed so the kids wouldn't roll on her)and didn't see her chest rising and falling. I put my hand on her belly, and didn't feel movement. Shook her slightly, nothing. Shook a tad harder, nothing and her head was slumpy. I woke DH immediately saying, 'I can't wake the baby, I can't wake the baby!' He leaned in and put his hand on her, and didn't feel anything either. When he picked her up, her head slumped behind her lifelessly. At this point I'm panicking, thinking ohmyGODI'vejustlostmybaby. He blew in her face, and she finally took a breath. I haven't been the same since, I have been a bit crazy about checking her while she sleeps. Now that we're home, we have the Angelcare monitor in her room so I'll be able to sleep better- but talk about scary.

4. Our first Saturday in FL, a very good friend's brother hung himself- with her home. He waited for her to go to the bathroom, she heard the sound of something falling, and went to investigate and he'd hung himself in his closet. She called paramedics and tried to lift him but he was just too heavy, and in her panicked state of mind didn't think to cut him down somehow. She watched him turn blue and die, and I'm still so, so heartbroken for her. They had a crappy life growing up, and I guess he couldn't take living with those memories anymore. I went to his funeral yesterday before flying out today, and I wish I'd had time to speak to my friend one on one about it.

Sorry so long. Oh, and I accidentally abducted my dad's car and house keys and left them at the hotel room early this morning. I'm scared to call him and tell him! 

edit: spelling.

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Re: I'm back from my 'vacation.'

  • Gah!!!  We missed you!!  The board is not the same without you!!!!  Ok, now I'll read your post.  Just had to get that out. :)
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  • 1. Holy crap what a piece of work your MIL is.

    2. Sounds like heaven compared to the rest of your trip.

    3. OMG my heart started beating faster and I got lightheaded as I read this.  I can't imagine how scary that must have been!  She must have just been sleeping incredibly deeply but omg.

    4. That is so sad.  I'm so sorry that happened to your friend.  Suicide is such a selfish thing.

    Didn't you do anything fun?  Come on, did you take the kids swimming or have a date night or ANYTHING???

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  • Sorry you had such a crappy trip.  Hope things settle down now that you are home.
  • Wow!!! ((huge hugs)) that sounds like a shitty trip. I am glad you are back safe and sound.

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    Welcome back!!  Wow.. what a trip!

    Come on Sticky baby!!
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  • Woah. Indifferent

    "Vacation" is right!

    Married 4-24-2010 and have a Honeymoon baby!! ... We are so blessed.

  • Tiffany, sounds like your trip was anything - everything but what you?d planned for; but, did you?ll get to Disney as you?d planned earlier with your dad? If so did you find a safe place with someone else taking care of LO while y?all went? I do so hope you found time to at least have some fun, pleasure from your trip - vacation!

    Oh! While reading #3 - I was in shock that - OMG they?ve lost the baby! Don?t scare us (me) like that again. You?ve just taken 10 years off my life. I?m so glad all?s well with LO and you?ve returned home safely.

    Sorry your friend lost her brother to suicide - I agree with christyp80 ?Suicide is such a selfish thing.?

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  • I did get to drive up to GA to see my twin and her baby, and we got some pics where he and A look IDENTICAL. Except his head is bigger. And we did get to see some local attractions like Homassassa Springs, and swim in Little River Springs and go to Disney. It was overall a good trip, just with some bad events.

    And, Adena has rolled over 3x in the last week. It's front to back, but still. I need to get her to sleep unswaddled now, because if she's swaddled and rolls to her face she won't have her hands to pick up her head if she's face down on the mattress. I'm sad- swaddling means she's still my baby, un swaddled means she's growing!

    I need to post the pic of my and Holly's babies. 

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