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Sorry to post again - advice for attorney consultation?

I have decided to go ahead and get an attorney now that H is talking about letting the house get foreclosed on.  I am worried he is going to stop contributing financially and I can't afford the house by myself.

My employer has an employee assistance program and I called and get a 30 minute consultation for free and 25% off the hourly rate if I choose to use their referral.  30 minutes isn't a long period of time so I want to make sure I get the important questions in during that time.

What should I focus on?  Custody is my big thing - H said he isn't going to fight me on it but I don't feel like I can trust him.  But I am also worried about finances (everything is combined right now), the house, cars, etc.  When I talked to him earlier he accused me of recording the conversation.  Really?!?!  There was no reason for me to even think about doing that.  I didn't want things to get ugly but he isn't going to make it easy.

Oh and I set up my counseling session and he again confirmed he is not willing to go.

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Re: Sorry to post again - advice for attorney consultation?

  • All these reviews and no one responded? I was never married so I don't have much to say there. I would immediately set up everything separate. Make sure your paycheck is going into your own acct and drop direct deposit until you set one up. If he wanted he could clear out that bank account and you wouldn't be able to do anything about it. Does he take care of the house payment? I'd ask the attorney about repercussions if he decides not to pay, but you still do. I am sure he'll get in trouble for not paying if he has the means too. If he can't afford it, that's a different story, but he can at the very least get a realtor and see what his viable options are. Definitely ask about the kids. He might not fight you for custody, but the typical split will probably be enforced thru the divorce. Ie: eo weekend and some time during the week. Plus split holidays.. Try to get your car on your name only Document everything. Stay off the phone if things get ugly and have everything in writing. My ex and I communicate thru email only. I blocked him from texting me. Get an attorney and cover yourself and the kids. Sorry I don't have much info :(
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  • Thank you for your response!  I broke down and told my Dad because I know if anything he can help me out financially. If H takes the car then my Dad is prepared to go out and buy one for me tomorrow if he had to.

    I am going tomorrow while my Mom keeps the girls and open up a new bank account in my name only.  We have the money to pay all of our bills - house, car, etc - together. But individually neither of us could afford the house on our own.  I pay all of the bills, he has no clue what goes in and comes out.

    I plan to contact a Realtor after I talk with an attorney.  The house is 3 years old and we built it.  There isn't much I will have to do to get it ready to put on the market. 

    I don't even know what H is thinking right now and he is so all over the place.  He came by after work today to see the girls for a little bit.  Before he was leaving he asked if I thought we should just separate for now instead of going straight for divorce.  I didn't even know what to say - it was him that went straight for divorce in the first place!

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