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warm vs cold milk

I will be BF unless I'm at work. So my question is. LO will be getting warm milk from me so I'm assuming that when he is at daycare or with DH LO will want warm milk as well? Is this correct? Will this make any difference when switching at a year to cow's milk which will be cold? I've been thinking about this and can't figure it out. Thanks ladies
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Re: warm vs cold milk

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    we did formula at room temp.  then when we switched to cow's milk, we mixed half and half for a few days to wean him off room temp to cold (and the formula to cow's).  no issues.
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    All kids are different with this, you'll just have to see how what your baby prefers.  DS refused to drink cold milk.  He put up a fight even drinking something room temp.  It sucked, to say the least.  And yes, that can pose a problem with cow's milk too at a year.  Fortunately, DS was better about it by that time.

    I have a friend whose baby has no problems taking a bottle straight out of the fridge at daycare and she's BF'ed at home.  You just never know. 


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    eortmaneortman member
    My DS never cared either way. I pumped exclusively so he had milk that ranged from just dethawed frosty cold to warmed up at daycare and never seemed to care either way.  I think if you give him a variety of temperatures from early on our LO won't have any trouble.
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    AzraylaAzrayla member
    Dd didn't care.. she had cold breastmilk warm breastmilk cold formula room temp formula.. she took it all.. my mom tried saying cold will upset their tummy but that's an OWT.. just depends on the baby.
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    This is another "Every baby is different" kind of thing. DD took her formula cold - we would mix a pitcher and keep it in the fridge - so the switch to cold cows milk wasn't a big deal. But I know a friend who BF'd and could not get her little guy to take a bottle that wasn't as close to body temp as she could get it. She had to warm the cows milk for a while and slowly make it cooler until he would take it cold.
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