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Send some love to Mrs.Rubins

Ladies, I talked to Mrs.Rubins last night. She didn't want to wake her H on Monday morning to take the dog out so she trie dto do it herself. The dog overpowered her and she fell hard on her stomach.  She ended up in the hospital with minor contractions and a small tear in the placenta. They kept her overnight and monitored her. The baby looks good and the meds to stop the contractions worked. She is home on bedrest until at least thursday.  THey believe the placenta will repair itself and all will be well. She has gone through so much (stillborn and a miscarriage) please keep her in your thoughts. 

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  • Lots of love to Mrs.Rubins!
  • Just said a little prayer for her.
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  • Oh no!  Poor thing...I just hate to hear that!  Glad to hear she is doing better and hoping for a speedy and safe recovery.  Please tell her we are thinking of her and to rest up!
  • oh my gosh! I really hope she and the baby will be alrite.
  • Poor thing, hoping all will be good. Get lots of rest Mrs.Rubins and don't walk the dog again!


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  • Oh no!!!  I'll be thinking of her!  how far along is she?
  • Thanks for the update, sending lots of love and hugs and Mrs.Rubins.


  • LovesGB - she is a little less than a week behind me.
  • Oh no!  Thanks for the update.
  • Lots of love!!
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  • oh gosh, Lot of love to Rubins!
  • Lots of love to MrsRubins.... take care of your sweet little baby and yourself.
  • Thanks for letting us know. Huge hugs and prayers to her!
  • Thinking of her and sending her prayers and get better wishes!
  • thinking good thoughts for Mrs. Rubins and baby!! ?
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  • I just said a prayer for her and will continue to have her in my thoughts. 
  • *hugs* to Mrs.Rubins!
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  • How scary!  Thoughts and prayers coming her way.
  • Oh no :(  I hope she feels better soon!

  • Oh wow... big big hugs to her.  That is so scary.
  • Oh how scary. Lot's of love to her!
  • Oh my gosh that is terrible.  She is in my thoughts and prayers!
  • OMG! I will be thinking of her!
  • Oh my God! Sending prayers and love to Mrs. Rubins
  • She and the baby are in my thoughts and prayers.
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  • lots of good thoughts for her...please keep us posted.
  • Oh no. I will be thinking of her.
  • Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers her way!!! 

  • Oh no!  She is in my prayers.  Please let us know if you hear anything else.
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  • Oh my!  My heart goes out to her.  Many prayers and lots of love to her :)
  • Lots and lots of good thoughts and hugs are being sent to Mrs. R and baby.  I hope she has a speedy recovery!
  • Oh no! Lots of love to Mrs.Rubins, I will be thinking of her!
  • She will be getting prayers from me!
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  • Keeping her in my thoughts!
  • Sending love and good thoughts to her and baby
  • Definitely sending good thoughts to her.  How scary!!
  • Oh no! Sending lots of prayers her way.
  • oh that sucks! My friend had a placental tear and it took awhile of bedrest, but it did heal itself. Hopefully everything will be fine for her!
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  • I'll be praying for her!
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