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2nd time moms who used a baby carrier....

Were you able to get LO in and out by yourself? I am talking about baby bjorn's, becos, etc. - and front carrying. I have a friend who says it takes two people but that doesn't seem right so I wanted to hear your experiences.
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Re: 2nd time moms who used a baby carrier....

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    It's hard to get the hang of at first so yes it takes 2 but once you've got used to which item you have it's a lot easier and really only takes one person. I would practice before hand. I did like mine (mine was a cheapy from sears) and I loved it. Very simple and it clipped closed so it made it a lot easier.
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    bjorns are bad for baby and will kill your back, just FYI. I spent $120 on mine (6 yrs ago) and couldn't use it after she was 6 months old.

    I bought the ergo baby when DD was around a year old and used it for 2 more years.

    I never once needed someone to help me with either one. They take some getting used to but you should be fine.

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    I used a Bjorn once in a while with DS.  It was not easy at first, but I found a method that worked for me.  Lay the detachable part down on a bed or couch.  Then lay the baby down on top of it and buckle it while you're hovering over the baby.  Then you aren't trying to latch it while still holding the baby. Much easier if you are doing it by yourself than trying to juggle the baby.

    I am looking into different carriers this time around.  I've heard the Bjorn can actually be hard on baby's hips.  I'm looking into the Ergo!

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    Agree that Bjorn are not good for baby.  When they hang by their crotch facing out, it's really bad for the development of baby's spine and hips.  The ones where the baby is facing mom though, are better.  Still, I stick with the sling type carriers for the first few months.  They are more like the snuggliness of the womb and very calming to baby.  They are used to being in tight places and they are also very easy to use by yourself and get the hang of.  Especially pouch type slings because they have a deeper pocket and seam to tell you exactly where baby's butt needs to go in and the rest is easy.

    After 4 or so months, then I switch to the Beco and do a lot of back carrying. 

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    AzraylaAzrayla member
    I used a moby and was able to get DD in and out myself you feel a little overwhelmed at first but once you're comfy with the wrap its easy peezy ... I only used a bjorn wit my cousins daughter and I think it took two of us but I believe it could be one person job too once you get the hang of it.. I recommend a wrap love em and lo is all snuggled in.. DD always passed out she hated her carseat.
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    Yep, Baby Bjorns are crap IMO.  So much better carriers out there like Ergo, Beco, Babyhawk & as another PP mentioned wraps are great too!

    Once you get the hang of them they are super easy to use.  It take a little practice & building your confidence in the beginning but once you get it, its a breeze.  I was able to get DS on my back singlehandedly, in fact it was our favorite carry.

    My advice would be to expirement with different types & see what works for you.  Be careful though as it can become addictive Wink

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    No, I was fine. I used the baby k-tan and it was easy for me. Later on I got the Ergo.
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