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Cooking Lunch ? (adult related)

My DH took another position in his company recently which puts his new office about 4minutes from our house - wahoo! Because he's close, he's going to be coming home for lunch pretty frequently - another yay! We are very excited to have him home for a little break mid-day. Anyway...

I think I'm going to start making some actual meals at lunch time, instead of always having the usual leftovers or sandwiches. Any ideas for something not too heavy, pretty quick, but still yummy? 

Re: Cooking Lunch ? (adult related)

  • When DH is home for lunch, we usually eat - BLTs, quesadillas, mini-pizzas, steak sandwiches, mac & cheese, pasta/ravioli etc. I guess those are more toddler friendly foods too!
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  • Lettuce wraps, tacos/fajitas, homemade pizza, stuffed pizza rolls & ceasar salad, chef salads...

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  • soup, salad, sandwiches or some combo of the three
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