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Please Help Me Decide

Hi Ladies, I moved here to Cary a few months ago and we are in need of a pediatrician. I've narrowed it down to a couple practices and was hoping you could help me. I have been debating over the last few days. I narrowed it down to three practices that we really like there are some aspects I like about one over the other, but then the other has something the other doesn't =D The three I am debating over are: Triangle Pediatrics, Cornerstone and Jeffers, Mann and Artman. If you use any of these practices, could you share some things that might help me decide? Ex: How long you have been going there, who you see, what you love, don't love, do you plan on staying there etc. These practices are in the West Wake area. If you use someone else you love feel free to leave a suggestion. I really appreciate it. I know I must be obsessing over this but I want to know as much as I can before deciding. Thanks again ladies!

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  • We've been going to Cornerstone since DD was about 15 mos, so about a year. I have been really pleased with them. We see Dr. Todd and I love her. She's very friendly, takes plenty of time with us, and is great with DD--takes the time to warm her up a little, considering she's quite shy with strangers right now. I've never had to wait very long in the main waiting room, but I've had to wait up to 30 minutes in the exam room (not every time, but one or twice). But all in all, I'm very happy with them. I've also seen Dr. Parmar (I think that's her name), and a male Dr whose name is escaping me... I liked them both. The nursing staff and front desk staff is also super nice.

    We switched from Rex Pediatrics of Cary, who I don't really recommend. They were fine, but I never got that warm fuzzy feeling from them, and always felt rushed.

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  • We go to Jeffers & Mann. I usually go to the Raleigh office, but the WF office is what I prefer. 

    How long you have been going there - Since DS was born, so over 2 years

    who you see Dr. Lobissio or Dr. Herriott are my favorites. We've had good experiences with Dr. Artman too. For sick visits we've seen a few of the PAs and they were fine. I usually can get an appt with my preferred doctor

    what you love Their phone system - you get right through to a person, no prompt system! The nurses are really quick about returning calls & I feel that they have always taken my concerns seriously. They use electronic records & can send prescriptions right to the pharmacy, so I can just pick them up with no wait. They also have a lactation consultant on staff who was a lifesaver.

    don't love Chris the PA. I saw him when DS was a few days old & I needed lots of BF support and he was awful. I will never see him again. The wait in the Raleigh office can be a little hectic, but not terrible. 

    do you plan on staying there etc Yes we've been happy with the office

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  • Thank you! That is really helpful!
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