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First Father's Day ideas

Hi Everyone, new around here and excited! We just found out we're pregnant a couple weeks ago, so this Father's Day will be the first time that DH can actually celebrate for himself! Of course, I'll be home visiting family (made plans months ago) so I want to be able to send him something, do something special for him. Granted, since little one won't be joining us until 2012 that takes a bunch of cool and cute gift ideas off the table, but I'm sure there's something for "Father's to be".


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! As far as personality, DH is a giant nerd and tech head (and very much proudly so) should that help any! Thanks!

Re: First Father's Day ideas

  • I thought that my DH would have done something for me on Mother's Day since I am pregnant with his first baby. But nope, he didn't do anything. His mom, my MIL made me a card that said Happy Mothers-Day-To-Be but thats it. I might just do the same thing for him, or do nothing at all since he doesn't seem to return the favor for anything. (I think I just have some grudge on him since he didn't get me anything for our first things for him make me a little sour still Stick out tongue)


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  • I'm sorry to hear that! Guys can be pretty dense, perhaps talk to him about it?
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  • Oh I hope someone comes on here with some ideas.

    For Mother's Day, DH bought me a mommy-to-be card, a t-shirt that says New Mom 2011, 2 dozen roses, some bubble bath, a foot scrubby (since I can barely reach my feet now), and a bag of chocolates. It was a lot of little stuff, but it was SO cute to wake up to, and it was all so pregnancy appropriate (chocolates and bubble baths? yes please)!

    At first I thought I wanted to get a nice camera for him, since he's been wanting one. But, it's not in the budget right now, so I'm trying to come up with cute small stuff like he did for me.

    Someone please post some ideas! lol 

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