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North Inland Child Care?

Hi there,

We are moving to the Escondido area in December.  We have a 4yo and another one on the way.  Yesterday we went to look at child care centers.  I knew that childcare would be more expensive in SD but the issue we have is that we can't seem to find more than 2 places that offer infant care.

We went to La Petite and their price is $180wk for pre-k and $240wk for infants.  But we didn't like the layout.  The pre-k classes were out in this big open space in the middle of the school.

Kindercare was a nice layout but the classes are really large.  They are $190wk for pre-k and $270wk for infants.  The infant room was really nice at this center.  They have a special program, however, for pre-k that pays for 3 hours of pre-k.  This would reduce what we pay for DD, but it also means their classes are large.

There are more Kindercare's in the area, but they have the same rates.  

We do not want in-home daycare because we don't like the idea of in-home and don't have much confidence in in-home pre-k's.  We like church pre-schools but they don't usually have an infant room.  

 If we have to pay $1800/month for childcare we can, but the issue we have with this is that it is hard to believe that we only have 2 choices in an area that is so much larger than where we are moving from.

Any advice on looking for childcare places would be greatly appreciated.


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