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anyone applying for new jobs whilst pregnant?

Hi!  I'm more of a lurker but would love advice/thoughts!

I am a currently a school librarian and just found out that my own high school is hiring for next fall, great timing huh?  I have a meeting with the asst. principal next week and I am wondering how open to be about my due date and the fact that even if they wanted me, there is no way I could start with them for the first month or so of school.  

Is anyone else applying for jobs now?  If so, how are you avoiding/facing the pregnant belly in the room during an interview?  I understand that legally, being pregnant isn't supposed to make a difference but obviously, it is going to be a consideration whether I like it or now.  Thoughts?

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Re: anyone applying for new jobs whilst pregnant?

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    Ive been unemployed for several months now and have been looking for jobs too.  Even though I know at this point, being due in Sept. that I would probably not be hired, however, I feel I should still be looking.  It would be great to find something now, that I would know I could start in late November.

    IYoure right they technically cant discriminate, however, Im sure at this point you cant hide that you are pregnant.  I think since you are this far along, its better to be honest.

     Good Luck!

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     I am a teacher right now and have an interview for a assistant principal position tomorrow morning at 9am.  I have been thinking about this for a couple days and am trying to figure out if I should even address my pregnancy, particularly since I will have to take at least six weeks of at the end of September when the baby is born. I don't know if I should mention it or not!

     Hope you get some responses!!! My thoughts and prayers will be with you next week!

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    I am a teacher and I am unemployed.  I didn't apply anywhere this year knowing I will not go back to work right away and that I will miss at least the first two months of school.  Seems like a long shot to me to hire me when they can hire someone who can start right away.
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    Legally they person interviewing you for a job cannot even mention the fact that you are pregnant unless you bring it up. I am a nanny and worked for a women who is a guidance counselor at a HS and she was hired while pregnant. I guess if you are truly the best candidate for the position they will hire you no matter what. 
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    I am. I let my recruiter know yesterday that I was expecting and what my plans are for after the baby.

    I don't want to work for a company that wouldn't hire me because I have children because I would not be a good organizational fit for them. Nor do I want to waste my time preping for an interview for a job that I have no shot at.  

    Also, with it out in the open you can discuss your plans and how you can still do the job. If you don't say anything then the hiring manager is left to fill in that blank.

    Good luck!

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    I was laid off at 3 months pregnant so I've been searching for a job since. I've had interviews and have no shame over my belly. I am pregnant and nothing more. I can still work. In my mind if a workplace doesn't realize that, then that is their loss. I am more then happy to work with a workplace over maternity leave and everything else if they are also in return willing to work with me. I'll come back early, no problem. My mother was hired at 8 months pregnant by a job and was just brought on right after she gave birth. To me, if I don't try for it, I'll never know what options are out there and what they would offer in working with me during this time. I'm open if they are open. 
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    I went on a job interview when I was pregnant with DD and it was awful.  You could tell that as soon as they saw me they were just going through the motions.  Yes, no one can discriminate against you because you are pregnant, but most of the time they will.  All employers see when they look at pregnant women is *gasp* "Maternity Leave."
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    I think since I know the person I am meeting with and I went to high school there (i.e. there may be some catching up), I will mention it.  I have decided to take the approach of "regardless of my situation, I am so interested in the job that I just had to apply."

    Sheesh this is a bad work market to have to worry about people's reaction to a belly on top of everything else an interview entails. 

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