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Kids TV question..need your help

So Jack told DH last night and Me today that he wanted ot watch the show him and I watched together and apparently whatever this show is the episode we watched had a  Dinosaur (he says its red), lady doctor, and lil boy and girl. I was trying to ask him more questions but all I got from him was "Let's not talk about this anymore mommy!!" so my question is does anyone have any idea what show this is!
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Re: Kids TV question..need your help

  • dang it how come it just posted like a million do i delete this?
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  • cmbrowncmbrown member
    Dino Dan??
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  • You will have to wait a few minutes and then it will let you delete. :) haha

    Could you have been watching Dino Dan?  I think I have seen a lady dr. on there.

    My sweet boy :)
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  • I should have listed the shows I know its not cuz i've already rattled off a list of shows I could think of to him and he said nope not that show. THe funny thing is he's very verbal and easy to communitcate with so thats why its really bugging us trying to figure out what show it is.  I know its not Dino Dan (he's obsessed with ths one), Dinosaur Train, Barney, Diego, Dora, etc. I'm beginning to wonder if he imagined the show or dreamed it or something!
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  • Doesn't the Wiggles have a big dinosaur? I have no idea - maybe Jack has a good imagination:)
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