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Favorite Care Package Item

Just looking for some unique items to send overseas.  I have sent all the standard packages.  Cookies, munchies, magazines, ect.  Looking for something new.



Re: Favorite Care Package Item

  • My husband always asks for physical pictures, if I forget even once to include a bundle of photos of me he will not forget to mention it. We now have a gazillion pictures of me just standing around the house or yard in whatever outfit I had on that day (our tripod is very well used).

    An old fashioned love letter is always a welcome surprise on both ends.

    Home made cookies - he likes store bought like mrs fields and oreos and stuff, but he loves when I home make him his favorite ranger cookies (oatmeal cookies with craisins and coconut).

    He'd also ask for personal products that he couldn't get over there, like the specific brands of hygiene products that he likes and uses at home.

    I'm sorry that these aren't unique or new, but even after 4 deployments it's the things he likes the most. 

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  • I always buy a card and put it in the package.  He gets sad if I don't lol.  I also send one from the baby and one from the dog.  Other than that he likes homemade cookies and fudge, tuna packets, and candy.  I've tried the funny, creative boxes and he didn't care for them.  He knows what he likes so I stick to it.
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  • When I was overseas, one of the things I liked best was when DH put stuff together that showed he was thinking of me and listening to what I told him when we talked. I mentioned I needed lifting gloves on the phone, he sent me a pair. He sent me a stuffed animal from the San Diego zoo where we went before I deployed and a CD of music for our wedding. All that sort of stuff made me so happy.

    Lots of pics, also - I covered the wall in my room with photos of us together, at our wedding, our friends, our pets.

    And I also really appreciated candy. He kept me well stocked. :)

  • My DH loves Top ramen so I always send him a couple of every flavor.  I also include a book or mag. and a new DVD.....watching the same stuff over and over again probably gets boring Stick out tongue
  • BeachMBeachM member
    DH likes when I make him mix CDs among the other typical things I send (cards, magazines, snacks, etc.).


  • Right now my brother is loving the Starbucks instant coffee singles. They come in a couple different flavors, also in decaf and they have one for iced coffee. I put in a couple boxes of those little individual creamers, I found a vanilla latte flavor and a caramel flavor.

     The DFAC coffee really sucks in theater so he really appreciates this kind of care package.

  • My DH has asked for some nice ground coffee, and any sort of food with real meat in it (like those summer sausages that are always in gift sets at Christmas). The other thing I've heard that people appreciate is a few dryer sheets (to put in pillows and sleep sacks so they smell more like home), a cheap disposabe electric razor with batteries and an extra blade, and of course entertainment items like books, magazines, DVDs, etc.

    Hope that helps a little bit!
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