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sort of scary anatomy scan

I had my anatomy scan today at the perinatologist who I have not seen yet with this pregnancy.  Baby A's fluid is low but the Dr said it wasn't too low.

The whole thing was so scary - the tech brough us in and was just chatty and fine and then got quiet but I thought she was just measuring.  Then she says we need to go to another room now.  And I say is anything wrong? She doesn't answer but asks if I mind walking down the hall just with the sheet draped around me and tells dh to get my things.  So we go to another room, she remeasures everything and finally after about 15 minutes of silence says - I think baby A's fluid is low and I couldn't see it well enough on the other machine.  I need to get the Dr to come look. So the Dr comes in and asks if my OB sent me over here b/c I had TTS and I was like "do I have TTS?" he says no the babies are measuring the same but Baby A doesn't have alot fluid and shows us how baby B has about 2/3 of the overall big sac and poor baby A is shoved down in a corner.  Then he starts ranting that he can't believe if my OB knew I was having mono/di twins she wouldn't have referred me earlier.

I don't know what to think about the whole thing. The Peri left it at both babies look OK and he wants to me every two weeks.  I'm hoping I'm just a victim of some bad bedside manner but am worried maybe they aren't telling me everything?

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Re: sort of scary anatomy scan

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    So sorry you had a bad experience :( I hope you get answers soon and it was in fact just poor bedside manners! (((hugs)))
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    I'm so sorry you had such a scary appointment. I don't have any advise to offer you, but I'll be thinking about you and your LO's. Hopefully your Dr. is being frank with you and you really don't have anything to worry about. If I were you, I would call back and talk to the Nurse just to put my mind at ease. ((hugs))
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    Hugs.  Sorry you had to go through all that, but I hope everything will be fine.  Please keep us posted.
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    Mrs. MoMrs. Mo member
    I'm sorry you had such a scary appointment. It's really good to know that the Peri is taking the lead and will now moniter you very closely. {{{hugs}}}

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    i'm sorry you had to go through that. maybe try XP on the multiples board, maybe some of the ladies over there could give you more insight.

    but yes, definitely bad bedside manner!

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    I'm sorry you had such a scary appt!  I hope your doctor was just showing concern, but it sounds like they're both measuring right on so hopefully there isn't much to worry about.  Sounds like Baby B needs a stern talking to about sharing!  ;)
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    I'm sorry you went through that. I'm also surprised that this is the first time you're seeing a peri- not because it's a bad thing, just because I have di/di twins and I started seeing one at my NT scan. I guess my OB wants nothing to do with doing u/s on twins lol. I hope Baby B starts sharing better with Baby A!
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    etoyamaetoyama member
    Ugh I'm really sorry you had that experience :( I hope that, like you said, you're just a victim of bad bedside manner. (((HUGS)))
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    Oh jcath, I'm so sorry that your appointment was so scary today!!  I could have written this post myself, although our twins are di/di, so they can't have TTTS. 

    But, Baby A seems to have gotten all of the "real estate" and Baby B hasn't gotten nearly as much.  We've known he (Baby B) has had low-normal fluid levels since our anatomy scan, but the levels have maintained throughout.  I know it's hard, I really do. 

    If you need to chat, please do not hesitate to PM me.  I'm happy to do whatever I can, and share some of the stuff they've shared with us along the way.  I'm thinking of you!!  Please take care of you and your LOs. 

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    Well the good get monitored every 2 weeks so I think that will make you feel better. I was freaked at first too but then excited to make sure they were doing ok every 2 weeks. I know easier said than done but try to relax no point in stressing. That's funny though our little girl is smooshing our little boy in the corner too! Please keep us posted!

     (I had to start going every 2 weeks since they were measuring so small)

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    JenCWJenCW member

    Sorry to hear that the nurse and Peri weren't a little more sensitive with the scan and delivery of their information.

    TTS is scary.  My two identical boys had a mild case of it.  We were monitored very closely so they knew what was going on and making sure it didn't get to the danger zone.  I'm glad that they at least know it may be a possibility, and that they will now keep a close eye on you.

    Hope your future appointments go better than this one. 

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    I always worry I'm not getting the full story either, but rationally, Dr.s have absolutely no reason to withold information from you.  They need to cover their a$$es legally first, and worry about your feelings second (or not at all, in this case).  Also, if this guy who so blunt as to complain about your OB, I think he would be so blunt as to tell you if something were wrong. 

    It sounds like he just wants to keep an eye on you from here on out, but that there's nothing to worry about.  I'm sorry for the stress - I would have completely freaked out.  ((Hugs)) but it sounds like everything is OK!

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    Ugh I'm really sorry you had that experience :( I hope that, like you said, you're just a victim of bad bedside manner. (((HUGS)))


    this, i am really sorry you had a scary experience =( 

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    jcathjcath member

    Thanks everyone - upon googling TTTS seems like low fluid might be an early sign but the Dr didn't say anything about baby B having high fluid which is good.  I'm going to try to be calm until the next appt.

    I have a football class next Saturday that I think I'm going to skip - I wasn't going to play anyway but don't want to be outside and hot all day.  And I'm headed to the store to buy protein packed items!

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    I am sorry your appointment didn't go better.   It sounds like maybe your doctor just doesn't have a good bedside manner.

    I hope the more frequent appointments give you some stress relief.

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    I am so sorry you had to go through that! It must be so scary. I'm thinking of you and sending tons of hugs!

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    I think you were definitely a victim of bad bedside manner. so sorry! 
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    MrsMAFMrsMAF member
    sometimes these doctors are really something else. I hope that it was poor bedside manner and nothing to be too concerned about!!
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    Sorry you had such a scary appt. Glad that they said the babies look OK. It is good that you will be going more often now.
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    So sorry you didn't have a good appointment hon.  I hope things get better with the next appointments.  Hang in there.
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    MrsVoMrsVo member
    Sending lots of T&Ps to you and the little ones!

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